Id please:
A small herb from Rajkot
Most probably from Acanthaceae family

Appears to be some species of Rungia.

If the plant have spines….? any chance for Lepidagathis?? Its a wild guess..!!!

To my knowlege in Rajkot area Justicia procumbens is quite common. Even the bracteoles are narrower.

I too think that this a species of Justicia. But the information from the picture is not enough we need pictures of leaves and whole plant.

yes look like Justicia procumbens now correctly called as Rostellularia procumbens



identification- reg.:
Any one pls try to identify the correct nomenclature of this Justicia. I collected it from Hills of Coimbatore District Tamil Nadu

Please check wheteher
  1. calyx lobes 4 or 5, equal or uneqaul
  2. Bracteoles absent or 2, equal or unequal

and length of inflorescence and size of flower.

Its justicia species probably J.procumbens var. procumbens


Justicia for ID:
Justicia sp.
Collected from Palakkad District of Kerala during June 2012.
Please help me for vlidate the Id

I too have got the same from Bennarghatte National Park, Karnataka. Couldn’t reach a convincing id.


Another ID request. A really tiny plant, probably a medicinal herb. To give you an idea of scale, to the bottom left of the photo is the forefinger of the hand holding the plant.
Locality: About 40 km from Chennai
Altitude: Sea level
Habitat: Tiny herb
Approximate Height: 3-4 inches
Photo taken on: 14th August, 2011

Would you please post more picture (if available) showing the habit of the plant in which the leaves are clearly visible. If you can add information regarding the plants that would be of great help for easy
identification. Further, if you can follow format of our group to post pictures for id, things would be easier for you and the experts who look in to it to try id the plant

Any chances that it can be Anisomeles?

This is Justicia. May be J. quiquangularis (please check the spelling)



Justicia species:

Kindly help in Id if possible.
plant habit:herb
other info:this seemed the only one in the vicinity.

Please check species of Justicia of Acanthaceae family

Go with … Justicia species of Acanthaceae


Identificaton – plant/jun15/7 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4) 
I wish to get the attached photos identified; looks like Justicia sp. – Acanthaceae.

Justicia species in eFIoraofindia (with details/ keys from published papers/ regional floras/ FRLHT/ FOI/ efloras/ books etc., where ever available)


On 17/8/08 in Talakona forest, AP.


Satpura Tiger Reserve Hoshangabad (MP)- on 12-10-09; Pench Tiger Reserve– 23-9-06; 10th Nov. 2008/ 03:30PM: MizoramOn 24/8/08 in Ananthagiri Hills, AP near Vikarabad; On 17/8/08 in Talakona forest, AP;

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