Lactarius turpis (Weinm.) Fr., 1838 (syn: Agaricus turpis Weinm., 1828; Galorrheus turpis (Weinm.) P. Kumm., 1871; Lactarius necator sensu auct. mult. (2005) (misapplied name); Lactarius plumbeus sensu A.A. Pearson (1950), auct. pl. (misapplied name); Lactarius turpis var. turpis Fr., 1838; Lactifluus turpis (Weinm.) Kuntze, 1891) ?;      
Ugly Milk-cap;

Attached are pictures of a mushroom, crown around 18mm in diameter,
stem around 10 mm in diameter, height about 30 mm.

Could someone help me in identifying it for me please?

This mushroom is from the genus Lactarius …. cant confirm species from the photos sorry for it

With the clue given by …, I have gone through Lactarius fungi and find one of them close to the picture that I had uploaded.
It could be Lacarius turpis as per the link given below. The experts may study the same and come out with their finding.

This can be Lacterius turpis as it has been reported from Kerala before, but I can confirm it from the immature basidiocarp provided in the photos.




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