Lagerstroemia species/ Cultivars;

Lagerstroemia microcarpa or Lagerstroemia parviflora;
TREE ID………6th NOV 2011……….S.S…….045: Please can anyone give me the name for this tree with big seed pods.
Date/Time-… 13th April 2011 Morning.

Location- Place, Altitude, GPS-…..Between Gantok and Pelling. Sikkim.

Habitat- Wild

Plant Habit-…. Tree

Height/Length-….Sorry cannot remember.

Leaves Type/ Shape/ Size-.. see pics

Inflorescence Type/ Size-????

Flowers Size/ Colour/ Calyx/ Bracts-????

Fruits Type/ Shape/ Size Seeds- ….see pics.

I think it is Lagerstroemia sp. Most probably L. speciosa

i think this is Lagerstroemia Speciosa

Pl check it for Lagerstroemia.

what is the size of the pod (seed)? what about the bark? Smooth? Could it be Venteak? The leaves in the picture are tender leaves, what is the colour of the leaf on the underside?
Lagerstroemia mieroearpa

I think it is Lagerstroemia parviflora
my thought of L. parviflora was because of the wider distribution of the particular species

‘Big seed pod’ is quite relative. If the pod is 2-3 cm then it can be L. speciosa, if the pod is just 1 cm it can be L. microcarpa. Yes, the leaves appear tender and size shape of mature leaves would have helped.

Is this Lagerstroemia tomentosa ?- From Pune:   This medium sized tree was photographed at a hill near Karbhorwadi village, ( Dist- Pune). Lagerstroemia for sure..but plz confirm the species.
Dated- 26th July 12.

Habitat- Wild
Habit- Tree
Tree Height- 12 feet appx
Leaves- lanceolate, Stalked, leaf base- rounded .
Flowers- petals were light pink and white.

It might be, but L tomentosa isn’t a wild species in Pune, as far as I know.