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Flora of China (Description & Keys- Leucas cephalotes, ciliata, chinensis, mollissima (syn. of Leucas decemdentata var. decemdentata as per The Plant List), martinicensis, lavandulifolia, zeylanica & aspera  

Scandent perennial herbs, up to 50 cm high, branched from base; branches 4-gonous, densely white silky tomentose or hoary with spreading hairs. Leaves opposite, 1.5-6 x 1-5 cm, broadly ovate to suborbicular, acute or obtuse at apex, truncate, subcordate to rounded or cuneate at base, crenate or dentate, tomentose both sides, thick or coriaceous; lateral veins impressed adaxially; petioles 0.5-3.5 cm long, tomentose. Flower- whorls 1-2 cm in diameter, axillary, lax, 3 to 8-flowered, never head-like; bracts 3-5 mm long, not more than half the length of calyx, linear, setaceous, hairy. Calyx-tube 1-1.5 cm long, funnel-shaped, straight, tomentose outside and within, 10-ribbed; mouth truncate, abruptly dilated, 6-8 mm wide, densely hairy within; teeth 10, 2-3 mm long, broadly triangular, spinulose or aristate at apex, spreading. Corolla white, tube glabrous outside, completely included within the calyx, slightly enlarged at the throat; upper-lip bearded with white wool, smaller than lower one. Filaments slightly bearded. Nutlets up to 1.5 mm long, oblong, truncate at top, smooth or minutely tuberculate, grey-brown.

Flowering and fruiting: December-February
Peninsular India and China
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Name: Leucas chinensis (Retz.) R.Br.

Family Lamiaceae

Found in dry deciduous forest floor of Satyamangalam RF and also in BRT wls.
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Leucas chinensis (Retz.) R.Br.
Family Lamiaceae
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