Lupinus pilosus L. (E. Medit.: Albania, East Aegean Is., Greece, Kriti, Lebanon-Syria, Palestine, Turkey, Turkey-in-Europe; Introduced into: Bangladesh, Cape Provinces, Central European Rus, India, Nepal, New South Wales, Pakistan, Tanzania, Uganda as per POWO)

Floriculture in India gives the following species, which have been introduced in India:

Lupinus hartwegii (45-75 cm tall with white, pink and pale blue flowers) (syn. of Lupinus ehrenbergii var. ehrenbergii)
Lupinus luteus (40-60 cm, with yellow flowers)
Lupinus subcarnosus (a dwarf plant with blue flowers)
Lupinus mutabilis (a tall plant 120-150 cm- dark blue (marked with yellow and rose), blue, white, pink fragrant flowers)
Lupinus tricolor (a bushy plant 45-60 cm- white flowers changing to pink) (syn. of Lupinus albifrons var. albifrons)
Lupinus polyphyllus (perennial, with wide range of flowers)

Lupinus hirsutus (syn. of L.pilosus)

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