Commonly cultivated in gardens. Native of West Indies as per BSI flora of India;
Barbados Cherry, Wild Crapemyrtle, Acerola;

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This low growing plant was full of flowers which looked like miniature Lagerstroemia indica flowers.
It is blooming now in Chennai after the rains (5.11.10)
The last two pics were taken in July and show the whole plant and its berries.

Lagerstroemia sp. may be indica….

My guess will be Lagerstroemia speciosa

Lagerstroemia indica ………..normal variation.

This is certainly not a Lagerstroemia, as flowers are said to be miniature. It does resemble Lagerstroemia but that was just a hint.
Stamens can be seen about 10 and not many. It is Malpighia sp, the Barbados Cherry. It may be M. emarginata or M. glabra.

Yes it is Barbadoss cherry. In the last photo you can see the cherry.

Looks like Malphigiaceae member. Cannot be Lagerstroemia.

I stand corrected

I checked the pics on the net and it seems to match those of Malpigia punicifolia.
Many thanks for the id help.

That was a googly. Got bowled out. The flowers look similar to Lagerstroemia. I have not seen any Malpighiaceae member other than Hiptage madablota (Madhavi Lata.)

We have the collection of Malpigia punicifolia in our botanical garden. Please check it further before confirming as Malpigia punicifolia. leaves and fruits are different from the Malpigia punicifolia

Please se two photographs of Malpigia punicifolia growing in our Botanical garden

Ok I understand my mistake now. This is Malpigia punicifolia. Thanks a lot for sharing and for the info provided by all.

This is Malpigia punicifolia only, as identified by …  There are a few varieties of this plant and hence the leaves are variable.


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Tree photographed from Lal BaghBangalore 29 Sep, 2015
Please help with ID

…, it is Lagerstroemia, most probably it has got to be L. indica.

This also resembles Malpighia glabra, I think.

Thanks … I am mistaken, it must be Malpighia glabra.

Malpighia glabra – 261012 – RK3:
Pics taken 14/10/12 at Lalbagh, Bangalore in the morning.

Barbados cherry
last year … showed some



Identification of tree: (Mixed thread):

Looks like Malphigia glabra
10 images.