Melhania futteyporensis Munro ex Masters in Hook.f., Fl. Brit. Ind. 1:373. 1874.  (syn. Melhania tomentosa Stocks ex Masters);
India: Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan and Gujarat; Pakistan as per BSI Flora of India



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Plant from Virat nagar Forest Jaipur

For  ID(ID-DKB174)

Photo Taken on- 25.8.2009

looks like some plant from malvaceae, can you post some pic showing stamen arrangements 



As you suggest I am sending one more photo.

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A member of SterculiaceaeMelhania sp.? based on leaves shaped.

this species is not from Malvaece family but from Sterculiaceae Family. 
Name : Melhania futteyporensis 


i found this plant at Gautala Autrum Ghat wildlife Sanctuary, Jalgaon on hill slopes among bush. in October 2009.
the plant is about 1 metre height. a malvaceae member, most probably
Abutilon species. whole plant is velvetty tomentose. the lower surface of leaves is whitish.
open flowers could not be photographed as i feel it opens in evening.
please help in ID.

Not Abutilon atleast. Epicalyx are clearly seen.

this is long awaited id.
i again checked flora of Maharashtra–the description of plant points towards Hibiscus, Abutilon. but could not get through.

I checked BSI’s Flora of India (Vol. 3, 1993) and the keys lead me to identify this as Melhania magnifolia. But i am not sure of the id. Flowering season is said to be December. It is distributed in PJ, RJ, GJ & MH only. 

Pl check it once again and tell us the confirmed id. It was originally published in JBNHS 26: 228. 1918.

Petals are persistent, cymes are terminal, bracts ovate, acuminate and shorter than sepals. These characters lead to Melhania tomentosa Stocks, ex Mast. But this is not reported in Maharashtra as yet.

i am also supporting … it is Melhania tomentosa Stocks, ex Mast ……….because
  1. leaf morphology and characters.
  2. inflorescence.
  3. Floral characters.

please see in this link you will get a bit of information………………

Thanx … and all others for helping in the identification of this long awaited and discussed plant.

it is Melhania futteyporensis Munro ex Masters in Hook.f.,Fl.Brit.Ind. 1:373. 1874.
i also found its reference in Maharashtra on this following site

The link shows a Maharastra Govt. Checklist of plant . there is no description nor any picture in it. Many time several plant are left out accidently while preparing a checklist. or due very small population number they are left out as they were not observed [accidentally] by the authority. Hence I will kindly ask you to again confirm you plant with better evidential sources. 

I have not been able to comprehend the point of disagreement. The plant was uploaded as Abutilon. I disputed this on the basis of presence of epicalyx. … first identified it as Melhania (tentatively M. magnolifolia). … identified it as M. tomentosa, which you supported. You had also provided link to Eflora of Pakistan which regards M. tomentosa as synonym of M. futteyporensis, which … rightly concluded.
Pl enlighten me if I have missed anything.

I am extremly sorry for the comment ….it was my personal mistake that i missed out the synonym while going through the eflora of Pakistan  …..i ask for excuse from … for the mistake……….. and again thank … for pointing out my mistake and making cordial efforts to correct my mistake ……thank you again sir…..very very thank you. 

I have gone through many links such as GRIN, Flora of Pakistan, Pankaj Oudhia’s website, etc and it was difficult to find Melhania tomentosa. then came to know this accepted name as M. futteyporensis Munro ex Masters 

I mentioned this name as many times after identification of the correct species we give thanx to all experts for providing clues, but a third person who go through the links may not come to know what is the final conclusion, hence i mentioned the identified name.

I was pretty excited by the fact that no mention of Melhania in Cook flora and Flora of Maharashtra. it became stronger when … mentioned abt Melhania not being reported from Maharashtra. but after further searching i found its reference in Maharashtra gazette, hence i felt it necessary to bring to all that it is reported from Maharashtra.
I am very happy that … is taking so much interest in the group activities and i well come and congratulate him on becoming Moderator of the group. i feel that discussions will become more interesting and plants will get identified wihin short time by such members



ID-17062012-PR-1: Plants from gujarat
Habit shrub
habitat wild

Family Malvaceae
Leaf valvaty
open Flower not seen

It could be Melhania incana.

I think close to images at Melhania futteyporensis Munro ex Masters in Hook.f. & also as per the keys at the following:

Yes it is Malhania species for sure.
i encountered Melhania hamiltoniana from Northern maharashtra.
please go through the link for correct identification

I think matches with illustrations at the stated link. 



Melhania futtyporensis (Sterculiaceae) : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (3)- 387 kb, 1 mb, 2 mb. 
Melhania futteyporensis (Sterculiaceae) 2018 August.
Dhule Laling fort, Maharashtra

Beautiful plant … I am happy to share this link..!! Melhania futteyporensis (Sterculiaceae): a new record for the flora of Haryana, India



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Location : Rakshak Van, Rudra Mata Dam, Kutch- Bhuj – Gujarat
Date : 13-10-2018
Habit : Herb
Habitat : Cultivated

Please search Melhania hamiltonia; could be matched.

Melhania hamiltoniana ??