Wood rose, Spanish Morning Glory, Yellow Morning Glory, Hawaiian wood rose, Spanish arborvine, Spanish woodbine;

Convolvulaceae week: RVS1: Ipomoea tuberosa:  Ipomoea tuberosa from Bangalore…

The accepted name is Merremia tuberosa (L.) Rendle as per TPL.




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Date- July 17, 2013

Location – Ginigera, Koppal Dist, Karnataka

Ipomoea tuberosa or the Woodrose

probably Merrimia tuberosa

Ipomoea tuberosa



  1. Richard Article Author

    I have been trying to get this plant Merremia Tuberosa, it grew in my house 45 years ago and ever since have tried to get this plant, would you be able to help me get this plant please.

  2. Prasad Article Author

    Wow! I’m doing the same. Searching all over. Please share details if you find it