Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier, Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 16(4-5): 552, in obs. 552 1893. (Syn. Convolvulus aristolochiifolius Mill.; Convolvulus caracassanus Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.; Convolvulus cymosus Desr.; Convolvulus luteus M. Martens & Galeotti; Convolvulus multiflorus Mill.; Convolvulus sagittifer Kunth; Convolvulus umbellatus Sessé & Moc.; Convolvulus umbellatus L.; Ipomoea cymosa (Desr.) Roem. & Schult.; Ipomoea mollicoma Miq.; Ipomoea polyanthes Willd. ex Roem. & Schult.; Ipomoea portobellensis Beurl.; Ipomoea sagittifer (Kunth) G. Don; Ipomoea umbellata (L.) G. Mey.; Merremia umbellata var. occidentalis Hallier f.) as per The Plant List;
POWO (Camonea umbellata (L.) A. R. Simões & Staples syn: Camonea bifida (Vahl) Raf.; Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f.)
Catalogue of Life 1 (Camonea bifida (Vahl) Rafin. syn: Merremia umbellata subsp. orientalis (Hall. fil.) van Ooststroom)
Catalogue of Life 2 (Camonea umbellata (L.) A. R. Simões & Staples syn: Merremia umbellata (L.) Hall. fil.)
Hogvine, Yellow merremia, Yellow wood rose • Mizo: Voktesentil • Marathi: मोतीया Motia • Malayalam: കൊലാവര വല്ലീ Kolavara valli, വയാര വല്ലീ Vayaravalli • Bengali: Sapussunda • Assamese: Goria loti • Gujarati: Turnaisa;


ID13012010PHK 1 – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

ID please
A Climber at Kanakeshwar, Alibag

Merremia umbellata.

Flora of Andaman5-271210-PKA1: Came across this creeper near Radhanagar Beach, Havelock Island, Andaman. Date/Time: 20-12-2010 / 01:00PM
Location: Radhanagar Beach, Havelock, Andaman & Nicobar
Plant Habit: Creeper


Convolvula​ceae Week- Operculina sp for id request.:  Location : CODISIA Road, Coimbatore.

Date: 13.03.2012

Habitat: Urban, Road Side

Habit: Climber.

This would be Merremia umbellata. Sizes of leaves and corolla would help the right ID,

Possibly Merremia umbellata as … suggested.


identification no050812sn1:  kindly identify this plant.

plant habit:climber?

height:all over in the undergrowth of various heights

May be Operculina turpethum

yes, Trivrit of Ayurved,
…, did you see any seed pods ?

We call this in Hindi “Nishoth”

I don’t think so

I am confused… THIS I DONT THINK SO is in response me….. that you did not see andy seedpods?
or is it to Balkar saying its called Noshoth in hindi?

Perhaps … disagree on identification of this plant…to me also this looks different from O. turpethum.. especially the leaves..

Pl.check for Convolvulus arvensis

local Marathi name: Chandvel

This is seems to be Merremia umbellata (L.) Hall. f.

Syn: Convolvulus umbellatus L.; Ipomoea cymosa Roem. & Schult.

Please check.

Merremia umbellata. Flowers are yet to open fully; may be a picture taken early morning.

Merremia umbellata:  Merremia umbellata
at Prabalgad,Maharashtra
22 Jan,2012

Attaching images of what looks like Merremia umbellata (Linn.) Hallier f (?). Please confirm the ID.
Date :09.03.2013
Location: Kamrup district, Assam
Family : Convolvulaceae
Genus & species : Merremia umbellata (Linn.) Hallier f (?).
Habitat: Grows wild on road side shrub and trees
Habit : Twiner

Flower : White

Seems to be M. umbellata

Climber for ID : 14072013 : RV 3 :  Attachments (2). 8 posts by 6 authors.

Please help to id yet another climber found in wild…. picture taken today (14.7.13) in Pali area near Mumbai.

May be Hewittia malabarica

This is Merremia umbellata, a sapling of Convolvulaceae climber that gives out white flowers in winter

Yes, Merremia umbellata (L.) Hall. f.

Found illustrations of Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier. f., too –


Merremia umbellata—for sharing and validation : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (3).
Pic of Hogvine, taken at ambyvalley rd.,lonavala,pune in feb14.

I think Yes

MS March,2015/001(Climber) for ID : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Location : Lengpui, Mizoram
Date : 18-03-2015

Habit : Climber
Habitat : Wild

Merremia sp.

It’s Merremia umbellata a member of Convolvulaceae



ANMAR21/32 Merremia umbellata (Please validate) : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

The id was suggested as Merremia umbellata, please validate.
Family: Convolvulaceae
Date 6th March 2015
Place: Aralam WLS, Kerala
Habit: Climber

May be M. umbellata, not sure, sepal and inflorescence characters are not clear in photo.

Thank you sir. Let us leave it at may be M. umbellata then as I do not have more descriptive photos.


Attachments (1)

Its Merremia umbellata

Most probably Merremia umbellata.

Convulvulacea Id from Bangladesh SM1003 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

It may be  Merremia umbellata (Linn.) Hallier f.

Most probably Merremia umbellata


ID090309PHK : 8 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (2)

Id. please, photographed at Phansad WLS, Maharashtra
on 08 March 2009

Possibly Mandevilla laxa (M. suaveolens) ? Not certain. Any fragrance?

Merremia umbellata.

Ipomoea clarkei : 18 posts by 8 authors. Attachments (3)
Flowers of Ipomoea clarkei
Marathi name Sonpungali
At Kanakeshwar

The original reference for Ipomoe clarkei, Flora of British India, describes I. clarkei as having ovate-lanceshaped leaves. Leaves are deeply heart-shaped at the base, with a long pointed tip. It does not say anything at all about the leaves being 3-lobed. Also the flowers are described as being more than 1 inch in size, larger than Ipomoea obscura flowers, which many people would have seen:
Flowers of India
(I sometimes get very irritated with botanists for not mentioning a simple thing like the color of the flower!)


Coming to … flower, the leaves seem to agree with the description if I. clarkei quite well, but the flowers appear to be large. …, do you remember the approximate size of the flowers? The sepals of I. clarkei are supposed to be narrow, linear – a bud in … pic does show narrow linear sepals. I am very keen to know the identity of … flower – if it is indeed an Ipomoea, it would be the only yellow Ipomoea I know!

The flower size is aprox. 2 inches

If it is these yellow trumpet-shaped, flowers, which are part of the post, they look like Merremia umbellata

Ipomea clarkeii : 17 posts by 9 authors. Attachments (3)

Ipomea clarkeii
Pl. confirm
Today (25.9.11) at Kanakeshwar, Alibag

Yes … Ipomea clarkeii

very nice indeed, yellow ipomea is rather not so frequent

Nice photographs but this is not Ipomea clarkei. My photographs of Ipomea clarkei and our previous discussion on this is available at this link

beautiful pics, but I doubt about the identity of the plant. pls recheck, very rare

Ipomoea ochracea also produces yellow flowers. You may check the characters

Merremia umbellata as per another thread. Id by …


Pl id white flower in belgaum : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)- 3 mb.

PL id white flower in belgaum, Karnataka, roadside, February

Please check Ipomoea sp.

please check Camonea umbellata

I guess … is right !

Thanks, …, for the id.
To me also appears close to images at Merremia umbellate

Camonea umbellata is new name for Merremia umbellta on Kew site

Merremia umbellata subsp. orientalis (Hallier f.) Ooststr.
Dear friends, please validate this ID.
Note at Convolvulaceae Unlimited differentiates M. umbellata and its subspecies orientalis. Same note at Flora of China.
me-REE-mee-uh — named for Blasius Merrem, German naturalist and professor
um-bell-AY-tuh — in umbels
or-ee-en-TAY-liss — of or from the Orient, eastern … 
Dave’s Botanary
Jan 10, 2010 … at Yeoor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park), Mumbai
commonly known as: hogvine • Garo: sithri bodu • Malayalam: കൊലാവര വല്ലീ kolavara valli, വയാര വല്ലീ vayaravalli • Marathi: मोतीया motia • Mizo: vowktesentil • Telugu: వేరుమల్లె veru-malle
Distribution: e Africa, s China, India, s-e Asia, n Australia, Pacific Islands
ReferencesConvolvulaceae Unlimited • PIER • eFlora
more viewsJan 10, 2010 … at Yeoor Hills (part of Sanjay Gandhi National Park), Mumbai
Mar 13, 2010 … at Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary, Maharashtra
Jan 28, 2012 … at Prabalgad near Panvel, Maharashtra

Should you ever have opportunity to take any clear closeups of the fully mature seeds, I am interested to correlate seed characteristics with plant morphology, even though others have been not yet been successful at this type of correlation.
I find that the seeds of M.umbellata subspecies umbellata are very consistent in seed characteristics and resultant plant morphology…same is true for M.umbellata subspecies orientalis and I am at a loss why others are unable to see the consistencies…


Bhagamandala – Thalacauvery Road Karnataka
Date: 22 FEB 2017 … Altitude range: ~ 907 – 1122 m (2976 – 3683 ft) asl

Merremia umbellata subsp. orientalis (Hallier f.) Ooststr. … (family: Convolvulaceae)


Flower for Id – ID01042021SH1. Which Ipomoea ? : 1 image.

Flower for Id pl. Which species of Ipomoea? Is it alba?
Location – Sawantwadi (South Konkan, Maharashtra)

Date – March 2021

Check with Merremia umbellatum subsp. orientalis,

IPNI says it is synonym
Accepted name is Camonea pilosa
Correct me if it is wrong

Oh ! I thought it is Ipomoea sp.!!!

I think we should follow POWO as per details below:
POWO (Camonea umbellata (L.) A. R. Simões & Staples syn: Camonea bifida (Vahl) Raf.; Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f.)
Catalogue of Life 1 (Camonea bifida (Vahl) Rafin. syn: Merremia umbellata subsp. orientalis (Hall. fil.) van Ooststroom)
Catalogue of Life 2 (Camonea umbellata (L.) A. R. Simões & Staples syn: Merremia umbellata (L.) Hall. fil.)


MS,July, 2021/06 Camonea/Merremia sp. (umbellata ?) for id.: 1 image.
Location : Buarpui

Date : 22-03-2012
Habit : Climber

Habitat : Wild

Yes, it’s Merremia umbellata,

Thanks, ….

As per description of Merremia umbellata as per Convolvulaceae Unlimited
Inflorescence umbelliform cymes, few to many flowered ….
It further says:
Merremia umbellata can be recognized by its whitish puberulent axial parts, especially the pedicels; the crowded, umbelliform inflorescences (the secondary and tertiary branches short or none); the unequal sepals, with the outer two shorter, obovate, tapering to narrow bases between which the inner sepals are visible. Generally, the flowers of M. umbellata are smaller and there are more of them per inflorescence than in M. bambusetorum and M. kingii, though precise delimitation for these 3 species remains elusive.
It may be Operculina turpethum (L.) Silva Mansowith flowers solitary or cymose as per Flora of Pakistan (also see Flora of China).

Pl. confirm.

I think, you have a wrong notion of Operculina turpethum (L.) Silva Manso, …

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images to further check the details.

1 high res. image.

Any other images?

What are the species reported in your area?

Sir, sorry ! I don’t have other image. Stems of Operculina turpethum are often purplish, prominently 2-to4- angled, and narrowly winged.

By now it should be clear that this species can’t be Operculina turpethum – NO, NOT FOR THE STEM (though winged stem is an identifying character, but I will leave that part). The CAPSULE/ fruit in Operculina turpethum is “CIRCUMSCISSILE DEHISCENT”.

So, what this species can be is the million dollar question!
Is it Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f. (of eFI), which is based on  Ipomoea cymosa (Desr.) Roem. & Schult of “Flora of British India”?
There is no easy answer to this very question, because –
  1. Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f.  is now Camonea umbellata (L.) A.R.Simões & Staples
  2. Ipomoea cymosa (Desr.) Roem. & Schult  is now Camonea pilosa (Houtt.) A.R.Simões & Staples
…… more ???
……  happy reading
Research Gate

MS,June,2021/13 Climber for id: 3 images.
Location : Lengpui, Mizoram

Date : 18-03-2015
Habit : Climber
Habitat : Wild

Operculina turpethum (L.) Silva Manso ??

Yes …

Comonea umbellata ???

Please see that already ID !

It appears more closer to images at Operculina turpethum rather than those of Camonea umbellata as per POWO.

Yes, more proably it is Merremia umbellata subsp. macra (C.B.Clarke) Parmar = Camonea kingii (Prain) A.R.Simões & Staples, than Operculina turpethum.

As per description of Camonea kingii as per Convolvulaceae Unlimited
Inflorescence lax, a cymose panicle, usually 5–12-flowered ….
It does not appear so in the posted images. 

If this species is same as in efi thread, I think, it is never Operculina turpethum (L.) Silva Manso.

May I request you to pl. post high resolution images to further check the details.

The stems here look terete and smooth. Operculina has angled or winged stems.

This is not the same species as in the other thread, … posted – efi thread. Here flower is larger, peduncle is longer, flower is funnel shaped, unlike rather campanulate shape of Merremia.

And to my disappointment there is no fruit picture in the submitted set to prove my suggestion!
Another disappointment is that perhaps … is in no position to upload original plates of this species.
Moreover, Camonea kingii (Prain) A.R.Simões & Staples is not listed in Flora of Mizoram!
Should I accept Operculina turpethum then?
( I will skip the “winged stem” part! )
  1. some of the peduncles are longer than 3 cm here
  2. anthers are different from Operculina turpethum (check the paper I mentioned in the other thread)
If … could show me a pair of tiny auricles at the petiole attachment site of the stem!!!


POWO (Camonea umbellata (L.) A. R. Simões & Staples syn: Camonea bifida (Vahl) Raf.; Merremia umbellata (L.) Hallier f.)
Catalogue of Life 1 (Camonea bifida (Vahl) Rafin. syn: Merremia umbellata subsp. orientalis (Hall. fil.) van Ooststroom)
Catalogue of Life 2 (Camonea umbellata (L.) A. R. Simões & Staples syn: Merremia umbellata (L.) Hall. fil.)

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