Mirabilis jalapa L., Sp. Pl. 177 1753. (Syn: Jalapa congesta MoenchJalapa dichotoma (L.) Crantz; Jalapa officinalis Garsault [Invalid]; Jalapa officinarum Martyn; Jalapa undulata Moench; Mirabilis ambigua Trautv.; Mirabilis dichotoma Gater. (ambiguous synonym); Mirabilis dichotoma L. (ambiguous synonym); Mirabilis jalapa subsp. lindheimeri Standl.Mirabilis laevis Brandeg.; Mirabilis lindheimeri (Standl.) Shinners); Mirabilis longiflora Blanco; Mirabilis odorata L.; Mirabilis parviflora Targ.-Tozz. ex Steud.; Mirabilis pedunculata Stokes; Mirabilis planiflora Trautv.; Mirabilis procera Bertol.; Mirabilis pubescens Zipp. ex Span.; Mirabilis suaveolens Billb. ex Beurl.; Mirabilis undulata (Moench) Steud.; Mirabilis xalapa Noronha; Nyctago dichotoma (L.) Juss. ex Roem. & Schult.; Nyctago hortensis Juss. ex Roem. & Schult.; Nyctago jalapae (L.) DC.; Nyctago mirabilis St. Hil.; Nyctago versicolor Salisb. [Illegitimate]);
commonly known as: four o’ clock, beauty-of-the-night • Bengali: সন্ধ্যামালতী sandhyamalati • Hindi: गुल अब्बास gul abbas • Kannada: gulamaji, naalku ghante hoo • Konkani: आकाशमुरी akashmuri • Malayalam: anthimalari, anti-mantaram, naalu mani poovu • Manipuri: মুকাক লৈ mukak lei • Marathi: गुलबक्षी gulbakshi, गुलबस gulabas or गुलबास gulabaas, सायंकाळें saayankaale • Sanskrit: कृष्णकेलि krishnakeli, sandhya-raga • Tamil: அந்தி மந்தாரை andhi mandarai, pattarashu, pattiratci • Urdu: gul abbas


This is a common ornamental herb in villages here. Till 1980s or 1990s it could be found in every household adorning the boundary-line of their front-yard.
Species : Mirabilis jalapa
Date & Time : 29-Feb-2012 @ 4.26 p.m. & 30-Oct-2009 @ 4.00 p.m.
Place : Garalgacha (Hooghly), West Bengal
Habitat : garden, front-yard, rural roadside
Habit : Herb

Different varieties of M.jalapa are also flowering in Mysore. In fact this is a very common plant(weed). Your photographs are superb and the last variety with pink and white flowers is new one, not seen here.

Lovely Cultivars of 4’O clock plant

The pinkish red is the commonest here. But the white one with a shade of varied pink is not that common.

Mirabilis jalapa L. SN July17 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (5).
Mirabilis jalapa L, from Bommasandra area of Bangalore, roadside weed, I saw good population from Conoor area of Ooty , Tamilnadu.

Flora of Arunachal Pradesh- Namdhapa near Miao- Mirabilis jalapa: 3 images.
Wild at Namdhapa near Miao, Arunachal Pradesh in 3rd week of August’10.

Wunderblume (Mirabilis jalapa) Wonderflower Gulabakshi in Marathi

– lovely catch of the very important plant bio science experiment based on cytology

Another plant from Kalatope for id..
Location Kalatope, Chamba
Altitude 1000mts
Habit Shrub
habitat wild
season August
height 3 feet

Mirabilis jalapa of Nyctaginaceae family.


efloraofindia:”Id 23092011MR3’’ Gulbakshi flowersPune: 2 images.
 Sharing pictures of Gulbakshi. Seems to be bloom season of this plant

mirabilis jalapa 4 o clock or 7 o clock flower nyctaginaceae family


Here are some from my garden in Ritterhude, fotos taken on 12.9.2011.
They are called Wunderblume in German.
I had collected the seeds in 2009, when I visited Pune and last year in Apulien. Unfortunately they don’t survive the winter here.
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Very beautiful collection … esp the yellow pink variety is my favorite

Request for validation
?mirabilis jalapa yellow
Sep 2011

Yes … We found this at Chakrata also

Mirabilis jalapa.  It is known by the name 4’O Clock flower as the flowers usually open that time.

Yes I had to wait till 4.oo to get the pic its true

Sharing picture of a seed of Mirabilis jalapa Looks like a smiling face to me!!

Can we call it as comb monkey?
Haha! I could see the smile and comb like a chipmunk too.

Yes, early stage of fruiting of Mirabilis jalapa. When the fruit matures, it turns to dark black.

Yes I like the jet black color of these seeds. Infact because the seed did not look jet black that I remember I was attracted towards it and photographed it

We call the flowers 4’O Clock flowers” as the flowers usually bloom at that time.  It has a nice fragrance also.

We call these flowers Gulbakshi in Marathi and also this color (the pink shade) is called Gulbakshi color in Marathi

variegated Mirabilis jalapa: 6 images.

Found this ‘variegated flower on a four o’clock plant’ on roadside at Gobra-Beledanga, Hooghly.
Species : Mirabilis jalapa L.
Habit & Habitat : garden herb, roadside
Date : 11-05-12, 4.44 p.m.
Place : Gobra (Hooghly), WB

efloraofindia:”For Id 27062012MR2’’ silver gaster ants on Mirabilis jalapa flowers Pune:

May 2012 Pune.
Sharing pics of the flower of Mirabilis jalapa. Observed silver gaster ants at night around 8.15 pm travelling into the throat of the Mirabilis jalapa flower. Never found them in the evening though.

Garden plant for identification: 5 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (3).
can some on help in Identifying in Garden plant.
We get flowers in two colors one Violet red and saffron color.

Mirabilis jalapa, the 4’O clock plantevening primrose

Gulbaxi in Marathi.
Family: Nyctaginaceae

Sandhya-malati in bengali…

I hope u remember me from the trekking with you… i have these flowers and yes they are the Mirabilis jalapa or 4 o’clock flowers also known as gulbaxi. unfortunately the pic that i have couldn’t be sent as it is too large.

Acanthaceae Fortnight-PC-01- Barleria for ID dt. 11.03 2015 : 4 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)- 1 Mb each.
Here are few shots of Pale Yellow Barleria. It bloom around Diwali and the flowers are offered to one of the unlimited hindu gods after Kartik Snan. In our side it is known as Piabans. ID is requested.

yes … is correct
not barleria
its mirabilis
see your pink buds post

Thanks … for correcting me.

Acanthaceae Fortnight-PC.-02- Barleria for ID-11.03.2015 : 6 posts by 5 authors. Attachments (1)- 1 Mb.
here is another snap of Deep Pink Barleria, that also blooms after Diwali at the onset of cold weather. But unlike yellow cultivar it has smooth stem-it does not have thorns on the stems. Please identify it.

Mirabilis jalapa L. of Nyctaginaceae

not barleria
we call it sandhya malati
like to open as the sun approaches the western horizon… no matter which continent you plant it
mirabilis jalapa

This is Mirabilis jalapa

Yes Mirabilis jalapa

Fwd: FLOWERS IN OUR GARDEN- 170617 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)

Attaching a collage of few flowers blooming in our garden at present. These are

                      1. Tabernaemontana coronaria (MOON BEAM/ CHANDNI/ TAGAR)
                      2. Mirabilis jalapa (4 O CLOCK  FLOWER/ SANDHYAMALATI)
                      3. Thevetia nerifolia (KALKE PHUL/ KANER)
                      4. Allemanda cathartica (ALLEMANDA)
                      5. Ixora (RANGAN)


Mirabilis jalapa (planted) :: Yercaud :: 25 JAN 18 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 2 images.
Yercaud … (literally, lake forest), Tamil Nadu
… planted ornamental … Date: January 25, 2018 … Altitude: about 1,623 m (5324 feet) asl
Mirabilis jalapa L. … (family: Nyctaginaceae)


Plant for ID180911AMS01:
Found in kashmir garden, temperate, temp-22-29degree

Mirabilis jalapa called Gulbakshi in Marathi

Could your group of experts please help identify and describe this wild flower i photographed behind the sukhna lake in chandigarh. The area falls in the foothills of the lower shiwaliks and these flowers have just bloomed. I am writing about these flowers in the newspaper and would require your expertise.

Mirabilis jalapa
the 4’O clock Plant


from Borra in A.P. Sept 16th; near Chas-kaman dam- Feb.’09; Mana. Uttarakhand- 14.7.10;     
Mirabilis jalapa: 1 high res. images.
Location: Rajouri j and k

Id looks correct. But post the habit and leaves pictures for confirmation.

1 image

Yes it’s, correct ID,


Ahmedabad – Sept 20th 2022- DS-02: 3 images.
I found this growing on a vacant plot – each plant is about a ft high and has leaves similar to Datura. Could you please help me ID.

Mirabilis jalapa L.

Yes. Mirabilis jalapa. Plenty around my house in different hues.


Four O’ clock plant…… ornamental shrub.


Nyctaginaceae: Mirabillis jalapa L.: 1 image.
location/date: University of Agricultural Sciences campus, Bangalore, July 1997