Annual dysentery-flower; 



smriti van Jaipur– 22.10.2008; Bandh Buchara near jaipur– 30.8.2009;  ID-DKB121 – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Monsonia senegalensis
I had photographed it long back but identified recently. Tiny flower around 1 cm.
Bhigwan near Pune. It was on a dry grassland Dec




Plant for ID 10/09/2011SMP1: A small herb seen on a plateau of a dry scrub land near Bhigwan Pune in Nov 2005.

No leaves observed. Flower 2cm
Prostrate shrub.
Is it a Malvaceae member?

… could it be some Malvaceae member (Hibiscus) ? Shrunken in size because not well fed ?

The photos make me think it is something like Malva sylvestris which is a spreading perennial herb. but I am unsure of the color. 

Appears somewhat close to images at Malva sylvestris L.
But I am not sure.

Monsonia senegalensis of Geraniaceae.