Morus macroura Miq., Pl. Jungh. 1: 42 42 1851. (syn: Morus alaisia Deless. ex Moretti; Morus alba var. laevigata Bur.; Morus laevigata Wall.) as per Catalogue of Life;
China (S-Yunnan, Hainan), SE-Tibet, Bhutan, peninsular Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Sikkim, Sumatra, Java, Andamans, Myanmar [Burma] (Bago, Kachin, Sagaing), Nepal, Pakistan (introduced) (Baluchistan (introduced), Rawalpindi (introduced), Lahore (introduced)) as per Catalogue of Life;


Morus macroura_RKC05_180811:  Morus macroura for you.

Family: Moraceae
Loc.: East Kameng district, Arunachal Pradesh (ca 250msl)
Date: July, 2008
Notes: Well known for its timber value.


Mulberry with Long fruits : Uttarakhand : 020613 : AK-4 : Attachments (3).  5 posts by 3 authors.

Mulberry tree seen with long fruits in the Bhimtal area on 23/3/13.

Is this the Himalyan Mulberry, Morus macroura?

Kindly confirm.

Looks close to Morus alba….

The fruits looked a little longer to me.
I know the Mulberry that is usually seen with smaller fruit.

So wanted to clear my doubts.

Morus macroura.

Thanks for confirming the id.


Morus Species For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 24DEC14 : AK-45 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Mulberries shown by … in Lalbagh on 15/11/14.

I was given to understand they are White Mulberries.

For validation.

Is it not Morus alba.

Morus albaShahtoot

I think it is Morus macroura Miq. as catkins are very long and as per images herein.


Morus Species : Oman : 09OCT16 : AK-11 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (2)

Morus Species seen in Feb, 16.

It was a small tree in a home garden.

Please check for Morus macroura

Thanks for the suggested id.
This Mulberry tree was seen at a higher elevation in the mountains, known as Jabal Akhdar famous for its Pomegranates.
The highest point is around 9,800 feet.

efi page on Morus macroura

I had sent these pictures to Dr Shahina Ghazanfar of Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Dr Annette Patzelt of Oman Botanic Garden.
Both feel that Morus nigra and Morus alba are commonly cultivated here.
Unfortunately, this place is very far away from the city, it was not possible to revisit and see the ripe fruits.

It is clearly M. macroura with infl longer than 5 cm and acuminate leaves.


26-2-2010, 2.30 pm- Ashok Vihar, Delhi; Morus macroura from Delhi – efloraofindia | Google Groups


Fruits & Vegetables Week: Morus macroura,: Morus macroura (syn: M. laevigata), with long fruits eaten raw or stewed with sugar. Common in Himalayan region.



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