Nassella tenuissima (Trin.) Barkworth, Taxon 39: 612 (1990) (syn: Stipa cirrosa E.Fourn. ; Stipa geniculata Phil. ; Stipa mendocina Phil. ; Stipa oreophila Speg. ; Stipa subulata E.Fourn. ; Stipa tenuissima Trin.; Stipa tenuissima f. colorata F.A.Roig ; Stipa tenuissima f. nana Parodi ; Stipa tenuissima var. oreophila (Speg.) Speg. ; Stipa tenuissima var. planicola Speg. );
S. Central U.S.A. to Mexico, Argentina: Argentina Northeast, Argentina Northwest, Argentina South, Colorado, Mexico Central, Mexico Gulf, Mexico Northeast, Mexico Southwest, New Mexico, Texas; Introduced into: Austria, California, Cape Provinces, Colombia, Czechoslovakia, Germany, Great Britain, Italy, New South Wales, New Zealand North, New Zealand South, Spain, Switzerland, Tasmania, Victoria as per POWO;
Mexican Feather Grass;



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