Afghanistan to C. Asia and W. Himalaya as per WCSP; 




Lamiaceae for ID plz_111110_RKC_03 – efloraofindia | Google Groups : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (6)

ID Plz,
Loc.: On way to Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh (ca 2000m)
Date: 10th August, 2010

I hope Nepeta elliptica

How about Nepeta podostachys?

I hope Nepeta elliptica though not dead sure

Yes … may be right. Lower leaves are appearing distinctly petiolate. The specimens previously associated with N. elliptica can now be found belonging to N. elliptica (all leaves sessile), N. subincisa (with serrate or incised leaves; lowers leaves petiolate), N. paulsenii (lower leaves petiolate, leaves linear-elliptic or elliptic, subentire to crenate-serrate) and N. podostachys (lower leaves petiolate, oblong-ovate, crenate). N. podostachys seems to be the best match.

Thanks a lot for the efforts …,
May I know about the distribution of this plant in India? Fl. Pakistan reports this from Afghanistan and Pakistan only. 




Dracocephalum heterophyllum ABSEP2016/15 : 2 posts by 2 authors. 4 images.

I first saw it at 3000m and then again at 3200m and beyond. I think this is Dracocephalum heterophyllum, but I am not very certain. Please advise.
Dracocephala heterophyllumWhite Dragonhead
Above Triund, HP 3000m and above 03-04 September 2016

Does not match with images at Dracocephalum heterophyllum Benth.





Thank you … I now think that the plant I photographed was very likely Nepeta podostachys. I went to Ilaqa yesterday and found the plant again and took some photos. The leaf-stalks are clearly visible and following … comments on … post here, N. podostachys is very likely. Please advise.

Yes, I also feel it is close to … post as given in your link. 




Nepeta sp for id from Shimla
id pls

It may be Nepeta spicata

efi page on Nepeta laevigata (syn. Nepeta spicata Benth.)  

I think matches with images at Nepeta podostachys Benth.