Folded Nervilia;  






Nervilia plicata ?? form Pench – NSD 40 : Attachments (3). 9 posts by 5 authors.

this ground orchid is from Pench
I think this is Nervilia plicata, but i am not very sure.
Experts please confirm the id

Yes this is: Nervilia plicata (Andrews) Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 45: 403 (1911).
This is also an orchid which flowers during stress, but only when it knows that it is about to rain. The callus is formed on the top or side of the eye of the underground corm, which has two apex. Floral stalk emerges first. Foliar stalk is slow growing, full leaves are formed even after the fruit dehisces. The leaf, helps in storing food
material in the corm and dies off by the beginning of winter. The floral stalk is said to bear only two flowers,
there are other species like N. carinata, N. infundibulifolia, N. prainiana which bears single flower. N. aragoana, N. scottii and N. gammieana bears multiple flowers.
This group Nervilia is also unique due to presence of solitary, plicate leaves that may or may not be tightly apressed on the ground.
That is most probably to collect rain water on the leaves and divert it towards the main petiole and finally towards the underground corm which is facilitated with short length roots. Its a way of making
maximum use of rain water available during initial phase. There is a channel on the petiole running longitudinally towards the base, which makes me assume this theory. And when the plant is satisfied then the
leaves flatten or the margin bends so as to divert water away from the main axis.

I have never seen this in wild. You are lucky sir!! Check this place again just during the pre monsoon showers. You will find them flowering in leafless condition.
Interestingly this plant is distributed from India (South east Asia) to Australia!!

Thanks for your id confirmation and detail information.
really interesting to know its emerging pattern and water harvesting system
I saw this plant many times in Pench but only in vegetative stage not in flowering & fruiting stage
now i will try next year for the flowering stage just at onset of monsoon when Scilla appear & flowers in plenty
for first time when i saw this plant it appeared me like a creeper on the forest floor, but no stolons or runners were visible
generally i don’t up root any plant, but to confirm my doubt, whether it has under ground runner, i uprooted one & found the single leaves was in fact a individual plant.
There was an underground corm with a long foliar stalk and a leaf at the top at the surface on forest floor.
two lateral branches were appearing from the collar region and moving downward
I think at the tip of these two branches corms will develop and will help in vegetative propogation of the plant laterally, so a creeper like appearance develop on the forest floor, this is totally my cooked thought, not read anywhere.

… a photo of leaves which look quite similar to Nervilia plicata … are they of N. plicata ?
Place: Tungareshwar Wildlife Sanctuary
Date: 12 SEP 09 

your plant is Nervilia aragoana

Yes this is Nervilia but not plicata. Leaf is raised much above ground.  

Nervilia can be differentiated on the basis of height from ground into three groups:
Leaves tightly appressed to ground.
Leaves on ground but not tightly appressed just lying there.
Leaves raised much above the ground.
and then further on the basis of number of flowers: 1, 2 or multiple!

This is other species, I am unable to make out which one. It has a very conspicuous apex!!
Will have to search…

I too came across leaves (similar to what … has posted) at Thoseghar, Satara.

This is getting funny!!!
This is also Nervilia offcourse, but to check the species you will have to wait for flowering.
You have two options – Nervilia aragoana or Nervilia gammieana!!
Former has green flowers and latter has pink flowers if you wish to differentiate them broadly.

Here are the known Marathi names for Nervilia species…
‘Nervilia infundibulifolia’ is called ‘Nervi Amri’ ‘नरवी अमरी’ in Marathi.
‘Nervilia aragoana’ is called ‘Guchchha Nervi Amri’ ‘गुच्‍छ नरवी अमरी’ in Marathi.





Nervilia sp. for ID- PKA180612-01: Seen this small terrestrial herb on the way to Peb fort.
Date/Time: 17-06-2012 / 03:30PM
Location: En-route Peb fort, Matheran region, Maharashtra.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb

Bot. name: Nervilia sp. ??
Family: Orchidaceae.
Herb was around 4 to 5 inch in height.





Nervilia species for sharing: Nervilia aragoana and Nervilia plicata or the Tall Shield Orchid. Photographed in Gawse village, Ajara, Kolhapur, India.

Interesting. Second pics are indeed plicata, but cant confirm first species just with leaves.




Nervillia Plicata At Murbad Hills :  Attachments (2).  3 posts by 3 authors.
Visited Murbad hills(Thane District) recently Got this beautiful Rare terrestrial orchid.
Nervillia plicata /Orchiaceae/Herb
Place:- Murbad hills
Date:- 9/6/2013 June

Beauuutiful …My beloved beauty 🙂



Orchidaceae fortnight ; Nervilia plicata (Orchidaceae) :  Attachments (5). 4 posts by 4 authors.
Nervilia Plicata

June 2013
Murbad Hills , Maharashtra

Nervilia plicata. Nice

Seen this small terrestrial orchid on the way to Peb fort. 
Location: En-route Peb fort, Matheran region, Maharashtra.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb
Bot. name: Nervilia plicata
Family: Orchidaceae.

Amazing pics.. thanks …

Yes Nervilia plicata.




Orchidaceae fortnight : Nervilia plicata : GJ : RVS15 : Attachments (4). 6 posts by 5 authors.

Lush populations of Nervilia plicata, along with variations in leaf color pattern, can be seen in the forests of Gujarat.

Nervilia plicata (1).jpg is nice sight to those like me see this plant as a rarity !

Too rare sighting…. this species usually don’t make such big patches… 

Thank you all for the comments.
It was a pleasure to see the dense and healthy populations of this species.
In places we had to be very careful not to step on to these lovely ground-hugging plants that camouflage in the soil surface.


Orchidaceae fortnight : Nervilia plicata : TN : RVS9 : Attachments (2).  7 posts by 6 authors.
This single-leaved ground orchid, Nervilia plicata, is common on the floors of Javvadhu hills, TN.

Even without flowers it is a beautiful orchid. However, the leaves may be of two colours- purple as here and green, existing in same habitat together. When flowers appear in May-June plant is leafless probably. 

All Nervilia are single leaved, yes this is Nervilia plicata, very basic difference from others is this has hairy leaf with leaf on ground and not raised up.
Plant bears 2 flowers on a single inflorescence.


Orchidaceae fortnight : Nervilia prainiana : GJ : RVS16 : Attachments (1). 5 posts by 3 authors.

The third species in Nervilia, N. prainiana, is part of the land cover in Gujarat forest floors. I hope to visit again to see all the species in flowering!

No sir, this is also Nervilia plicata. N. prainiana doesn’t have hairy leaves. 

Oh I see…it has petiole longer than that of N. plicata. But you should be right!

Petiole length in plicata will depend on at what height below ground the corms are placed. Sometimes even more than 15 cm.!! N. prainiana also have leaves appressed on ground, but they are green a bit hairy
but orbicular in shape with rounded apex. It is now synonym of N. crociformis.



ORCHIDACEAE Fortnight: Nervilia species :  Attachments (1).  5 posts by 5 authors.

Nervilia species possibly plicata

Patgaon, Kolhapur district, Maharashtra. 
Oct. 2009

This is Nervilia plicata


Nervilia pilcata from KFRI Kerala
No other photo available.. Sorry
pls validate

Yes this is Nervilia plicata



July2015sk04/04 — Kaempferia galanga L.? : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (3)

Found this today, a stemless herb, growing wild in a bamboo jungle.

I think, Nervilia plicata (Andrews) Schltr., Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 45 403 (1911)

Thank you very much Sir, now I find another orchid in a bamboo thicket.



Nervilia plicata from Hong Kong : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
Nervilia plicata from wild in Hong Kong. Widespread.