by Sibdas Ghosh, Neil Soares & Tapas Chakrabarty (Inserted by J.M.Garg) (For more images & complete details,
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Attap Palm (Singapore), Nipa Palm (Philippines), and Mangrove Palm or Nipah palm (Indonesia, Malaysia), Dừa Nước (Vietnam), Gol Pata (Bangladesh), Dani (Burma);




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Nypa fruticans along ATR on way to Rangat.

Nice to see these mangrove palms

its amazing that any palm would live in water

if i over water a palm in my garden it does not like it

i have killed many a palms in pots with over watering , even a coconut!!!

i could not believe a coconut did not like water

but live and learn

— by the way what is ATR and where is Rangat?

ATR is Andaman Trunk Road and Rangat is a township on Middle Andaman.

so double thank you, …
i am not going there anytime soon, thanks for so showing these

i believe we had seen some in one of the trips down south to the sunderbans

i may be wrong

does it grow there? 

You are right only,  It occurs in gangetic delta.

Our Nypa fruticans from river Serayu Central Java, for comparison.  They are much taller aren’t they?

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Such a widespread species should have variation.




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