Ocimum kilimandscharicum Gürke;
African Basil, Camphor Basil, Camphor-Scented Basil, Hoary Basil, Kilimanjaro Basil, Perennial Basil, feverplant;
Complete set of Keys for Indian Species available on efi page Ocimum.
Ethiopia to E. Trop. Africa (From WCSP);

 Images by Dr.Nidhan Singh (Inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade)



Lamiaceae (Incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight: Ocimum kilimandscharicum from Solan- NS May 124/124 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)

This Ocimum was recorded from Herbal garden of Dr. YS Parmar University, Nauni, Solan..
I am going as the placard told me..
Ocimum kilimandscharicum 





Lamiaceae (incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight :: Lamiaceae :: ID request – Ocimum :: Jijamata Udyan Flower Show :: ARKMAY-14/14 : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2)
Requesting to please provide ID of the plant captured at Jijamata Udyan Flower Show in February 2013.
Is this Ocimum kilimandscharicum?

most likely not
leaves and stalk should be blue i think and markedly scented leaves even if you just touch them
looks like you had to bend the branch to take the picture so did your finger get scented like camphor?

I do not recollect the scent….those were very very very early days of clicking pics of plants….

Please check for Orthosiphon species as well (Orthosiphon stamineus ?)

The identification is correct



References: The Plant List Ver.1.1  WCSP  Wikipedia

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