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Climbing shrubs, branchlets lenticellate, brown tomentose. Leaves 6-9 x 3 cm, ovate, apex acute, base obtuse or acute, coriaceous; petiole to 8 mm. Racemes axillary, 1-5 together, to 3 cm; flowers in groups of 2 or 3, pedicels 2 mm; sepals 5, minute; petals 2 mm, oblong, recurved; stamens opposite to petals, filaments 2 mm; glands 5, fleshy, club shaped, alternating with the stamens; ovary 1-celled, 1.5 mm, oblong, style minute, ovule pendulous.

Flowering and fruiting: February-April
Dry deciduous forests
Peninsular India through Sri Lanka to Tropical Australia and Africa
Opilia amentacea :  Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.
Opilia amentacea (Opiliaceae) from Sathyamangalam R.F., Tamil Nadu. The flowers are in racemes (stalked).




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please help me in Identifying this tree

Place of collection: Tamana reserve forest, Khurda
Date of collection: 07/04/13
Habit: Tree, 5 to 9 m tall
Altitude: 600 m above msl
Habitat: road side of hill forest facing sun in Dry deciduous forests

To me it looks like Opilia amentacea, a climbing shrub.

… Many thanks for the lead. Opilia is a climbing shrub as u rightly pointed out. But the species i have posted here is a small tree. So i wl wait for others to comment. Please share ur thoughts.

It is Opilia amentacea; I have noticed the plant in E. Ghats.

Opilia amentacea Roxb. SN Feb – 20: Attachments (1). 3 posts by 3 authors.
Opilia amentacea Roxb; Fam : Opiliaceae

Climber in scrub jungle, south Chennai

Herbarium specimen here:




ANAPR01/01 Opilia amentacea Roxb. : 7 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (11)

Family: Opiliaceae
Date: February and April 2016
Place: Turahalli, Bangalore, Karnataka
Habit: Liana
Habitat: Scrub forest
Identified by: …

Nice ones … All aspects visible like a mirror.

very nice pictures of flowers and leaves. ANy fruits? now ot later?

i found these can be lianas, vines and short shrub but even tree like… what a mixed up vine????
edible fruits

Thanks, …, for such detailed postings.
These will certainly benefit the present & future generations.

Thank you sir. Ma’am, in fact, in the same spot, there is one individual which has a thick stem is upright while another is scandent and has twined around the Ficus which is also growing on the rock. Regarding the fruits, I have been following up on this plant since February when I first spotted. Will definitely follow up on the fruits as well!

great so your own observation supports what i had gleaned from reading up.  will look forward to your finding the fruits.




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Found in Vandalur forest. Chennai.
The fruits are eated by animals.
Seeds are fully dominated with layer of flesh around it.

Pl check for Opilia amentacea

Cansjera rheedii?

I think it matches with : Opilia amentacea

The fruit color is red which is not matching with mine.
Thanks …

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