Opuntia stricta (Haw.) Haw. var. dillenii (Ker Gawl.) L. D. Benson, Cact. Succ. J. (Los Angeles) 41:126. 1969 (Syn: (≡) Cactus dillenii Ker Gawl. (basionym); (≡) Opuntia dillenii (Ker Gawl.) Haw.) as per GRIN;
dildo, Eltham indian fig, sweet prickly-pear, nagajemudu, nagadali, nagphana, chorhathalo, nagphan, chhittarthor, hathhathoria, naghhana, papaskalli, chappatigalli, palakakkali, nagamullu,  chapal, nagophenia, chittarthohar, mahavriksha, vajrakantaka, nagathali, sappathikalli;


Ex-situ Silviculture : Opuntia dillenii Haw. : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).

Thanks …, the spines are very dangerous as they are very fine and sharp, you will not be able to notice many of them until pain points to them..

Thank you Sir, I will be happy if one day I can record its flower as well.



ARJUL67 Cactaceae for ID : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (2).
Bangalore July 2014

Opuntia dillenii (Ker-Gawl.) Haw.?

Yes sir, thank you.


ANAPR37 Opuntia dillenii (Ker Gawl.) Haw. : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (11)
Family: Cactaceae
Date: 14th April 2015
Place: Bangalore Rural, Karnataka

Habit: Shrub
Habitat: Scrub forest

Opuntia for ID :: MK009 SEP2016 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)
Please help me in identifying this Opuntia sp. The flowers were reddish in colour.
Height: 2m tall
Habitat: open scrubland
Alt.: 890 m asl
Location: Mudumalai TR, TN
Date: 12 August 2016

Pl. check comparative images at Opuntia 

Closest match I could find from comparative images at Opuntia is Opuntia stricta (Haw.) Haw. var. dillenii (Ker Gawl.) L. D. Benson

yes, I agree with …

Opuntia dillenii :: Osudu, Puducherry :: 14 OCT 19 : 9 posts by 5 authors. 1 image.
Osudu  Puducherry
Date: October 14, 2019 … Altitude range: about 15 m (50 feet) asl
Opuntia dillenii  (Ker Gawl.) Haw.  

accidental escapee?

Yes for certain, …

No flowers yet ?

it does not flower in wet places. only in deserts, and that too in the heat and when water starved

Four species are reported from the plains of Tamilnadu as per details at Opuntia. Is there a key ?

Sorry …, I did not look for any keys.
For all my Puducherry plants, I used this site as a reference: e-flora of Karikal District … scroll among the list of genera, and click on genus Opuntia … it will list of species distributed in the district. In this case, only dillenii is listed.
To me, the plant does look like typical Opuntia dillenii that I have been seeing. Yet I may be mistaking. Please correct me if I am wrong.

It is a common plant in Southern India including Karnataka in open fields.

Hampapura and Tippur (villages, Mysore district)- Oct 2006; Cactus – nature’s fine embroidery – indiantreepix | Google Groups


Opuntia dillenii: 7 images.

This Opuntia is from Salem, Tamilnadu 
I suspect this to be Opuntia dillenii
I request to identify the species.

For me the ID is correct.

Yes, appears so as per Keys as per Flora of China and Flora of Medak District, Andhra Pradesh, India


Cactaceae: Opuntia stricta var. dillenii L.D.Benson: 2 images- 1 high res.
location/date (both): University of Agricultural Sciences campus, Bangalore, July 1997






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