Orchids outside the orchid Resort Kalimpong  March 09 


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SYMBIOSIS : 262: Attaching an image of Purple Sunbird ( Male ) on the flowers of Orchid..

I predict that the lady’s slippers in your picture 2 and 4 will become all the rage and very popular atleast in the USA if released to the horticulture industry for homebased woodlands…

yes Paphs are in great demand all over the world. People come to stealing it when they are not able to get it.
There was a time when one Paph was collected form india and taken to UK. It was multiplied at a nursery and sold out in UK and neighboring areas. At one point their stocks ended and they had no more plants to
sell. Then they kept an award of 1000 pounds (during British period) for whomsoever brings them one plant of the Paph. People set out on expedition all the way from Europe to north east India and adjoining areas and scratched lot of plants to take away home. The plant was Paphiopedilum farrieanum. Of course now the plant has been discovered in neighboring countries too. But during early 18th century, 1000 pounds was a big amount for one plant and the worst thing is, people came and collected unscrupulously from wild.

YES>>>> Thats why plant hunters are so ill treated in some areas and maligned by the british and american press… you should have seen reviews of books about plant hunters. during the last thirty years.. .books coming out of India office or british library related authors… I did not save those reviews. (I did not save them … never knew I would correspond with a botany crowd) HAVE SHOWN US A Paphiopedilum farrieanum here?

P. farrieanum is there in different thread.



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