Botanical name Synonyms Family Common name
Pachira aquatica Pachira grandiflora Bombacaceae Malabar Chestnut

Floristic Plants of the World By Rashtra Vardhana (2006)-
Environmental Stress: Indication, Mitigation and Eco-conservation edited by Mohammad Yunus, Nandita Singh, L.J. de Kok (2011)-
Pachira cyathophora Casar. is a synonym of Pseudobombax grandiflorum var. majus A. Robyns
Pachira spruceana Decne. is a synonym of Pachira aquatica Aubl.

The Encyclopedia of Fruit & Nuts edited by Jules Janick, Robert E. Paull (2008)- Details-
Pachira insignis

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I have updated eFI (efloraofindia) page on Pachira
Attempts have been made to incorporate most of the species available in India & nearby areas with details & keys directly or through links as far as possible.

Species discussed so far in efloraofindia are given at the bottom of the page in the form of links against Subpages. On clicking them one can see all the details.

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