Paeonia officinalis L., Sp. Pl. 530 1753. (Syn: Moutan officinalis (L.) Lindl. & Paxton; Paeonia commutata Wender.; Paeonia elegans Sabine ex Salm-Dyck; Paeonia festa hort. ex Steud.; Paeonia festiva Tausch; Paeonia foeminea (L.) Miller; Paeonia fulgens hort. ex E.Vilm.; Paeonia fulgida Sabine ex Salm-Dyck; Paeonia lobata Desf.; Paeonia lusitanica Tausch; Paeonia nemoralis Salisb.; Paeonia paradoxa Ten.; Paeonia porrigens Reichb.; Paeonia promiscua Tausch; Paeonia pubens Sims; Paeonia rosea Host; Paeonia rubra hort. ex Steud.; Paeonia rosea Host; Paeonia rubra hort. ex Steud.; Paeonia sessiliflora Sims; Paeonia splendens hort. ex E.Vilm.; Paeonia villosa Sweet);
Austria, Switzerland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, France, Italy, Slovenia, Croatia, Albania, USA (I) (Kentucky (I), Massachusetts (I), Vermont (I), West Virginia (I)), Canada (I) (Ontario (I)) as per Catalogue of Life;
European peony, Common peony; 

Sending photos of Peonies flowers from Srinagar.
Ornamental plant grown in gardens.
Botanical name :   Paeonia officinalis
Place   : Srinagar, Jammu & Kashmir
Date :  June 2009


9th June 2009- Lidder Valley, Pahalgam, Kashmir;



Location – Mughal Garden, Srinagar
Habitat – Garden
Plant around 3 feet tall

Flower size 50 mm

I hope Paeonia officinalis


A cultivated, garden plant seen on the 28th of April.

Unfortunately, there was not a single open flower.

Kindly validate.

Yes …


Paeonia officinalis ‘Roseo Plena’ from Kashmir-GS03032021-1
2 images,
Paeonia officinalis ‘Roseo Plena’

Cultivar ‘Roseo Plena’ is distinguished by double rosy flowers

Photographed from Cheshma Shahi, Srinagar, Kashmir, 4-6-2012