Panaeolus africanus Ola’h, 1969 (syn: Panaeolus africanus var. diversistipus A. Kaur, Atri & M.
Kaur, 2013) ?;




White mushroom mushrooms on Elephant dung.  
Nothing gets wasted in nature ! 
(Soon we came across fresh elephant dung indicating that they could be in the vicinity.
Hence we beat a hasty retreat.) 
Narimale Hills, Karnataka
Shola forest, W. ghats
06 Dec 2009

In Chhotanagpur tribals call some of these fungi as ‘KUKKURMUTTA’ as they believe that these plants grows where dogs piss.
I imagine what they must have called these after seeing this pic [:p] !!

Please tell me that it was coming properly on dung or the dung fallen on termite home? Please let me know the thing.

From the enlarged photograph – the elephant droppings seems to be on the grass blades/grass lands.  
No termite mound  evident in the photograph. I guess the mushroom seeds have grown on the elephant dung (natural fertilizer). 
Hope this helps.

which is this mushroom and is it edible?

It can be Panaeolus africanus which has been found to grow on elephant and hippo dung. For exact identification the spore colour, size etc are required. Moreover, these pics are of slightly mature stage when the cap has fully expanded. Some  pics of the younger fruit bodies could be helpful.


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