Pandanus furcatus found only in southern India. And P. nepalensis in North eastern region as per efi thread;

Pandanus sp? 08022011-PKA1:
Pandanus sp. from North karnataka.

Family: Pandanaceae
Date/Time: 17-01-2011/ 11:40AM
Location: near Karikale (North Karnataka).
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Large Shrub (4 m approx)
This was seen the flowing water stream.

The carpels in the fruit are distinct and the habitat is evergreen forest away from coast hence this would be P. furcatus. The other P. odoratissimus carpels are connate and the plants are usually on the coast. You may check on your Andaman pictures.

Pandanus furcatus


fruit of Pandanas:
it is fruit of pandanas. please send me name of species. the plant have no smell as screw pine.

date of collection-24/03/2010

The carpels are distinct and not connate in groups hence this is P. furcatus Roxb.
The other ID characters are ‘no smell’ and occurence at inland forests away from coast.

This is Pandanus furcatus.

Anmod Ghat :: Pandanus furcatus :: DVFEB68/101 : 3 posts by 2 authors.
Anmod Ghat NH4A descending from Anmod, Karnataka to Mollem, Goa
Date: 23 APR 2011 Altitude: descends from about 640 m asl to 90 m asl
Pandanus furcatus Roxb. (family: Pandanaceae)

Beautiful presentation..!!

Pandanus furcatus


Tree for id – 24032019SH3 : 6 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)

Tree for id pl. Any Pandanus sp. ?
Location – Latpanchar (Near Darjeeling), West Bengal
Date – March 2019

sapling of kevda?

That’s what I presume … Pandanus odoratissimus

As per the photograph, it looks to be Pandanus nepalensis. However, detailed analysis is necessary for confirmation.