Vertifical-gardening-Petunias:  Sending a photo of the Petunias used in Vertical gardening.
Place : Byculla Gardens
Date  : February 2010
Habitat : Cultivated

very nice…
only in India: a sign that has to be included by the organizers…
NO WHERE IN THE WORLD DO I SEE SUCH A SIGN….  in Botanical gardens or nurseries…. makes me sad…
….and most of the sign boards are on trees nailed to trees with huge nails that might damages the tree. We had to fought with several people to avoid nails on trees to use sign boards. Still, if you travel through the ghat road between Calicut to Kalpetta (Waynad, Kerala) one can see nailed sign boards by Forest department. One such sign board says “dont kill me”!

you are right. “dont kill me” is just perfid.
There should be some way of fixing the board to the tree instead of nailing it. Otherwise the board itself may disappear. Is it possible that a petition signed by several people / NGOs can be handed over to the forest dept.?

…, it makes me sad too, but it is not only in India. Certainly it is not a solace. I visit the garden for Blind in Bremen from time to time. There is a board,”Please do not take away the plants.”




Petunia-MN290911:  Sending a photo of Petunia from a flower exhibition.

Place : Byculla, Mumbai
Date  :  February 2010
Habitat : Cultivated

garden flower ID :: 09-Mar-12 :: Hooghly (WB) SK-3:
I went to visit Santiniketan (Visva-Bharati, Bolpur, Birbhum) in December, 2009. I think, as far as i can remember, i shot this image in the university campus. Again i regret that i have only this picture for this plant.

Species : Unknown

Type : garden herb

Date : 05-Dec-2009, 1.22 p.m.

Place : Bolpur (Birbhum District), West Bengal

This is Petunia




”For Id 01012012MR1’’ ?Petunia ‘Plush Deep Pink’ at Pune: Kindly validate this herb at a road side nursery at Pune

Dec 2011

?Petunia ‘Plush Deep Pink’ Pune

Family Solanaceae

Yes this is Petunia




[21022012] AP1- Flower for id from Ambala Cantt Haryana: (10 images) Photograph taken on 21 Feb 2012
Ornamental plants
Habitat-pots, gardens
Flowers-white, fragrant, stamens 5..

this is Petunia

yes, garden variety…. grows all over the world now, thanks to the seed companies klike suttons…. aggressive marketing,,, and petunias do well in most climates… except snow and deep freeze….ha ha


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