Phyllanthus species- Keys;





Plant for identification 150712MK03:  Please help me in identifying this herb found in evergreen moist forests. The leaf measures 5×3 cm. Flower measures 5×1 cm and the plant about 30-50cm in height. The habitat is an evergreen forest.

Is this a Phyllanthaceae member?
Place: Valparai, TN
Date: 11July 2012
Alt: c. 960 m ASL

This is a species of Reidea presently merged with the genus Phyllanthus. I think this is an interesting species!!! Go ahead!!

I can assist you … for its identification but I need at least one specimen

Many thanks …, I may revisit the place and do sampling these specimens first; also I have to take specimens of Impatiens spp. there.


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