Pleurostylia opposita (Wall.) Alston, Handb. Fl. Ceylon 6(Suppl.): 48 1931. (Syn: Celastrus opposita Wall.; Pleurostylia wightii Wt. & Arn.);
Tamil:  Chiru piyari, Karuvali
Images by B. Rathinasabapathy (ID by Vijayasankar Raman) and P. Santhan, inserted by Gurcharan Singh (please click Links to see details)


Habit– Small evergreen trees, up to 5 m tall.

Trunk & Bark– Bark grey, small scaly; blaze reddish.
Branches and Branchlets– Branchlets quadrangular, glabrous.
Leaves– Leaves simple, opposite, decussate; petiole 0.3 cm long; lamina 4-6 x 1-2 cm, generally obovate, sometimes elliptic, apex obtuse, base cuneate, margin entire, coriaceous, greyish on both sides when dry; midrib slightly raised above; secondary nerves 4-6 pairs; tertiary nerves broadly reticulate.
Inflorescence / Flower– Inflorescence axillary cymes; flowers minute, white.
Fruit and Seed– Indehiscent, ovoid, 1-2 celled; 1-seeded, covered by arillus-like testa.
Common in dry evergreen forests and coastal forests on lateritic soil, up to 650 m.
South Asia and Indian Ocean Islands; in the Western Ghats- South Sahyadri and Malabar and Karnataka Coasts.
(Attributions-B. R. Ramesh, N. Ayyappan, Pierre Grard, Juliana Prosperi, S. Aravajy, Jean Pierre Pascal, The Biotik Team, French Institute of Pondicherry. 



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Pleurostylia opposita (Wall.)Alston : Attachments (2). 2 posts by 2 authors.
Pleurostylia opposita (Wall.) Alston (= Pleurostylia wightii Wt.& Arn.); Fam – Celastraceae,
Tree, Talakona, Chithoor Dt, Andhrapradesh, near streams,

Beautiful bark



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Pl. find the attached file contain photo for id. confirmation.
Date: 02.10.2014
Location: Adyar, Chennai
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Tree. 


Check for Pamburus missionis of Rutaceae 

efi page on Pamburus missionis  

How about Pleurostylia opposita?!

I think … ID is correct. Mine was only a guess, glancing through the photographs without observing the characters in details.