Lentinus sajor-caju (Fr.) Fr., Epicrisis Systematis Mycologici: 393, 1838 (Syn: ≡Agaricus sajor-caju Fr., ≡Pocillaria sajor-caju (Fr.) Kuntze, ≡Pleurotus sajor-caju (Fr.) Singer, =Lentinus exilis Klotzsch ex Fr., =Lentinus dactyliophorus Lév., =Lentinus tanghiniae Lév., =Lentinus stenophyllus Reichardt, =Lentinus nicobarensis Reichardt: =Lentinus irregularis Curr., =Lentinus glandulosus Ces., =Lentinus murrayi Kalchbr. & MacOwan, =Lentinus woodii Kalchbr., =Lentinus tenuipes Sacc. & Paol., =Pocillaria dactylophora (Lév.) Kuntze, =Lentinus bonii Pat., =Lentinus bukobensis Henn., =Lentinus annulifer De Seynes); 


Help id of a Fungus: I imaged this fungus sporocarp growing on a fallen mango log in Kolkata today (22 April 2011).
yellowish in colour, soft to touch, it was a relatively large structure. Could someone help in its ID please?

 This is Pleurotus … the believe the fungus is dry

I too think, it is Pleurotus.

Cantharellus sp cannot ruled out.

The Cantharels have infundibuliform caps with the gill ridges extending upto the stipe. I dont think this is Cantharels…. atleast in India its quite rare.