Plumeria filifolia Griseb.Mem. Amer. Acad. Arts n.s., 8: 519 1863. (Syn: Plumeria stenophylla Urb.);


Images by Dinesh Valke & (Raghu Ananth – identified by Usha Desai), (inserted by Bhagyashri Ranade) 



commonly known as: Aztec: cacalloxochitl (meaning – crow flower) • Bengali: kathgolop • Canary Islands: flor de cebo (meaning – bait flower) • Chinese: kang nai xin, hong ji dan hua • Chuukese: seur • El Salvador: flor de mayo • English: dead man’s fingers (Australia), flower of the cross, frangipani, graveyard tree (Caribbean Islands), Mary’s flower, may flower (Nicaragua), pagoda tree (Far East), plumeria, temple tree (India), West Indian jasmine • French: frangipanier • Guatemala: flor de la cruz • Hawaii: melia, pumeli • Hindi: चम्पा champa, गुलाचिन golachin, गुलैन्ची golenchi • Indonesia: kembang kamboja, jepun (Bali) • Italian: pomelia, frangipane • Konkani: चाम्पॅ champe • Kosraen: for • Laos: Champa • Laos: dok champa • Malaysia: kemboja kuning • Manipuri: khageleihao angouba • Marathi: चाफा chafa • Mexico: nahuatl • Nicaragua: flor de leche (meaning – milk flower), nicaragua (country’s own name), sacuanjoche (P. alba) • Palauan: chelilai • Philippines: kalachuchi • Pohnpeian: pwohmaria • Portuguese: flor-de-Santo-Antônio, jasmim-de-caiena (Brazil), jasmin-do-pará (Brazil), jasmin-manga (Brazil) • Puerto Rico: alelí • Sinhalese: araliya, pansal mal (meaning – temple flower) • Spanish: alhelí cimarrón, suche • St. Barths: bois couleuvre (meaning – snake tree) • Tahiti: tipanier • Tamil: நெல ஸம்பங்கி nela sampangi • Thai: lilawadee • Venezuela: amapola • Yapese: suwur

Origin: Tropical and subtropical America

… very fragrant and blooms all year round, dwarf evergreen variety that can be grown as a compact bush or little tree. The leaves are elongated and narrow, so are the white petals that are curled in a pinwheel manner. Stem is not as thick as of other plumerias.

Frangipani cartload! from Tanjore – 28Sep11AR01:  Frangipani cartload! from Tanjore (Lost splendor… )
Residence courtyard, Tanjore palace, Tamilnadu
24 Sep 2011 2PM
Garden flower,
, White flower-13cms, Petals-5, Leaf -long, narrow, 30cms, whorled

First pic- Frangipani with cart is splendid, artistic !

so what’s the story.. spilling out of the cart? cart’s being parked there for so long that the plant started growing into and around it?

Nice story making picture…
Plumeria stenophylla.. syn. plumeria stenopetala

Yes Plumeria stenophylla
good arrangement of cart with Plant



Plumeria For ID : Lalbagh,Bangalore : 17SEP14 : AK-22 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1).

Plumeria seen at Lalbagh Gardens, Bangalore on 26/7/14.

Species id please.

It is seems to be Plumeria alba.

efi page on Plumeria obtusaNo efi page on Plumeria alba so far.

Thanks for possible id of my post.
On Flowersofindia, there are two similar looking Plumerias, both having common name as Narrow Petal Frangipani.
efi page on Plumeria filifolia (Plumeria filifolia Griseb. Syn: Plumeria stenophylla Urb.);

There some difference in the shape of petals and the flower bunch pattern of these P. vars and the one in Question

I guess Plumeria filifolia  is correct ID !




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