VOF Week: Climber for ID — along “Govindghat-Ghangaria route”:
Seen this climber along Govindghat-Ghangaria route.
Date/Time: 10-08-2012 / 11:30AM.

Polygonatum sp may be Polygonatum cirrhifolium????

This could be Polygonatum cirrhifolium!

Yes Polygonatum cirrhifolium

Please find some pics for validation of Polygonatum cirrhifolium (Wall.) Royle, recorded from Mussoorie..
The flower pics are pending in our database..

Very nice images of the true Polygonatum cirrhifolium



Polygonatum cirrhifolium (Wall.) Royle: 4 very high res. images.

Location: Dunai, Dolpa,  Nepal
Altitude:  2200m.
Date: 17 June 1022
Habit : Wild 



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