efloraofindia:”For Id 27112011MR4’’ plant with attractive foliage Pune:

Sep 2011 Pune

Kindly Id this potted plant with attractive foliage and ?yellow flowers

Ht about 2 feet
No fruits seen


Is this Ming Aralia?


I always thought ming aralia had somewhat lacey looking skinny leaves, light green and overall habit also very gnarly, interestingly twisting turning branches… highly favorite of beginning bonsai folks in the 80s and 90s… I would have never guessed that this was ming aralia…. …is this your own plant?  if yes, then….
can you please a picture of a branch and put a white piece of paper behind a few leaves and take another picture ?? it would show us the real outline and size of the leaves… May be this is a hybrid or selective breeding of ming aralia for Indian climate…

There are many Polyscias sp.114 according to wiki.
They come with many different leaf shapes, from plain leaves such as Polyscias fabian, to very finely cut leaves such as Polyscias filiciifolia.

I think this is Polyscias from Araliaceae. May be a hybrid of Polyscias guifoylei.

I know about the numbers of species in Aralias …etc… I ran a gardening club… had to keep up with the
members who knew a lot more than I did.. so had to read and listen, listen to their wisdom… and I still dont think this is ming aralia… it may be an aralia … but not the ming variety….the picture above has straight branches, at least those that are showing…



Ornamental Plant for ID : Flower Show,Mumbai : 200912 : AK-2: Another ornamental, cultivated, potted plant seen at the Flower Show in Mumbai on 19/2/11.

…, marking a copy to you to see if one of these is ‘Ming Aralia’ that you has mentioned in my other post.

This is also Some species of Polyscias fruticosa

no … this is not ming aralia
i have some pictures in print from the 80s if I can ever find them
i’ll show you…
googling will get you ming aralia
very popular with houseplant people in UK and USA and with Bonsai enthusiast…
become very pretty early on.. so the new comers to the art stay focused and enthused..

Yes, Polyscias fruticosa from Araliaceae

some variation of ming?
leaves are more broad then long…
please lets do some differential…
there is some variation to the leaf …granted, look at toptropical ( I seem to trust them) pics… but there the leaf is longer than its broad…
I still think this in not the classically traded ming aralia… In my lifetime I have owned and cultivated and given away rooted stock in the hundreds… on two different continents…..
if there is an academic paper or two describing the WIDE variation in leaf and habit… I would certainly like to know and get them.

There are many members of this family which are medicinal but this is hybrid n never heard of it being traded for anything!!



Id of an ornamental : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1) – 4 mb.

Request for id of an ornamental grown in Mahe. Photographed in October 2019.

Is it Polyscias fruticosa

For me it looks P.fruiticosa horticultural variety only.  

The picture does not tally with the photo at Bombay Flower Show.

There are innumerable varieties in P.fruiticosa

There are many species. P. see details of these at Polyscias

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