Pommereulla cornucopiae L.f., Suppl. Pl.: 105 (1782) (syn: Pommereulla elongata Wight & Arn. ex Steud.);
India, Sri Lanka (Extinct) as per  POWO;
In next few mails, i will be sharing some of the grasses collected from Tiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu. These are scanned herbarium specimens [interest to take pictures of grassess came to me very recently only, sorry for that 🙁  ]
housed at the herbarium of FRLHT, Bangalore (acronym FRLH). Most of these were identified by my supervisors Dr. P. Ravichandran, and Dr. K. Ravikumar.
This one, Pommereulla cornucopiae, is said to be one of the rare species, recorded only from S.India and Sri Lanka.

Pommereulla cornucopiae L.f. Nov. Gram. 31. 1779.
Type: Lectotype – LINN 74.1 Pommereulla cornucopiae (Herb Linn)
2 specimens attached.

Thank you very much … I am thrilled to see the Types of this species in particular.

You know what thrills me more is the fact that you are showing me a plant which was painted by someone in 18th century and collected by some one in 17th century…. This taxonomy really feels so exciting to me!!!
I am one of those lucky ones who has seen the original paintings in Hortus Malabaricus and Plants of Coromandel. Those gold plated sides of the book, and holding those books in hand is such a divine feeling, I cant explain in words.

True, you know the value of these precious works of early scholars.
And yes, the feeling can not be explained in words, it has to be felt.



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