ID request-31102010-PKA1: Came across this herb at Cheeka on the way to Hampta Pass.
Date/Time: 26-09-2010/ 04:30PM
Location: Cheeka (Altitude approx. 10500ft), Manali region
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Herb

Flower: Yellow, 3 to 4cm 


Location –Hunder, Nubra valley, Ladakh (Grasslands Near water stream)
Altitude 14000 feet (Approx)
Habitat Wild



VoF Week :: DV :: 02 AUG 12 – 1009 :: yellow potentilla at Valley of Flowers: 2 AUG 12
Valley of Flowers about 11000 – 12000 ft
Habitat: sloping meadow
Habit: erect herb about 50 – 60 cm high, flower about 1.5 – 2 cm
… could not cover aspects due to heavy mix of plants

May be Geum roylei?????

Potentilla only, but it is impossible to identify species without leaves.

It seems I have failed to convince members about the importance of leaves, stipules, bracts etc. One shot less of flowers and one close up leaves would greatly help in its identification. This is especially true of Geranium species also, and possibly all genera.

you have not failed we hear you but like … here I also end up going out with nonphotographers they rush you when you want to take pictures their priorities are different, even though they may like you or love you
or are very kind otherwise… still its a drag… sometimes works against our resolve to take all the appropriate pictures…

Actually we are so preoccupied with the flower, we forget to notice the leaves only !!, then after moving some distance we think, we should have taken the leaves photos also.




VoF Week: 08092012 BS4 Small Herb for id fron GG Trek:

Small Herb for id fron Govindghat Ghangriya Trek
Flowers Yellow

Potentilla sp.

Lower leaves should help.



VoF Week: Pl. identify the flower from the Valley:  Kindly identify the flower from the valley. Photographed on 14.08.2012.

Can be Potentilla fulgens



Kindly help in ID of this Potentilla sp.
Taken at Vishen Sar (3650 m)


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