Psathyrella piluliformis (Bull.) P.D. Orton Notes R. bot. Gdn Edinb. 29: 116. 1969. (Synonyms: Agaricus hydrophilus Bull., 1791; Agaricus piluliformis Bull., 1783; Agaricus spadiceus var. hydrophilus (Bull.) Fr., 1838; Bolbitius hydrophilus (Bull.) Fr., 1874; Drosophila appendiculata var. piluliformis (Bull.) Kühner &
Romagn., 1953; Drosophila hydrophila (Bull.) Quél., 1886 ..; Drosophila piluliformis (Bull.) Quél., 1886; Drosophila subpapillata (P. Karst.) Kühner & Romagn., 1953; Hypholoma hydrophilum (Bull.) Quél.; Hypholoma piluliforme (Bull.) Gillet, 1878; Hypholoma subpapillatum P. Karst., 1879; Psathyra hydrophila (Bull.) G. Bertrand, 1901 …; Psathyrella subpapillata (P. Karst.) Romagn., 1982 (ambiguous synonym); Psathyrella subpapillata (P. Karst.) Schulm., 1955 (ambiguous synonym));     



Gilled mushroom, height – 5 cms, Brown cap(pileus)-1.5-2cms, stipe-2mm
Habitat: found on cow dung, near to a Mpenn-1 river
No. found -18

Nampdapha, Arunachal pradesh 
19 Jul 2010

Psathyrella hydrophila


Smaller mushroom here and not bigger one



3 pictures for you : 1 correct image as above. 7 posts by 4 authors.

could someone identify the mushrooms above please?

Brown colour Mushroom seen in IMAGE DSCN2965.jpg:
Psathyrella hydrophila (Fries) Maire
Common name:
Clustered Psathyrella.
Phylum: Basidiomycota
Order: Agaricales
Family: Coprinaceae
Occurrence on wood substrate: Saprobic; in dense cespitose clusters on decaying deciduous stumps and logs, at the base of trees or stumps, or on buried wood.
Dimensions: Caps 2.5-5 cm wide; stipes 2.5-15 cm long and 2-5 mm thick.
Cap: Moist; dark brownish at first, fading to honey-brown or tan.
Gills: Attached; buff, becoming brown to purple-brown.
Spore print: Purple-brown.
Stipe: Whitish.
Veil: Delicate, not leaving a ring.
Edibility: Unknown.
Comments: Examine Bessette to note differences between this species and similar P. septentrionalis.


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