PLANT FOR ID 125 SMP JUN 09 Lahaul Spiti:
This Asteraceae family member was observed in Spiti valley.
Searching “Flowers of the Himalaya” following IDs appear to be possible
Erigeron multiradiatus
Psychrogeton andryaloides
(said to be found in Lahaul)
of course I understand that features are not clear just looking at the picture (esp of this quality)

I think Psychrogeton andryaloides is the closest match

Yes … is right

Unid from Ladakh – TQ-Ladakh-07:
A small aster-like flower, found in Nubra Valley, Ladakh, in June.
Altitude 3000-3500 m.
Please identify

Psychrogeton andryaloides I suppose

Interestingly I had identified this for … from Lahul Spiti, seconded by …, in June 2009. I wonder why it did not reach FOI. efi thread

In fact the name was suggested by … as one of the possibilities.

The earlier flower and id did not reach FOI simply because I was not following efloraofindia discussions regularly.

PS: The currently accepted name is Erigeron poncinsii (Franch.) Botsch.


Asteraceae Week Part I-Radiate heads:: Erigeron poncinsii Spiti valley SMP3 :  1 image. 5 posts by 5 authors.
Erigeron poncinsii
After long discussions it got identified and features on FOI.

Thanks for showing a new species to me …, capturing such species is as a big deal as visiting such areas…


Help in ID OF this plant from Ladakh region : 3 posts by 3 authors.

In july month we along with … were in Ladakh.
These pictures are taken by …
May I request you to please help in ID.
Photographed on July 18, 2014 near Leh, on way to Pangong Lake.

Please try to match your pics with:

I hope Waldheimia vestita

This seems to be what I previously knew as Pyschrogeton andryaloides – and is listed as such in Stewart and more up-to-date by Dickore & Klimes but now considered as Erigeron poncinsii which ‘Flowers of the Himalaya’ says is common on dry stony slopes in Ladakh and Lahoul.


Erigeron poncinsii- Ladakh: 12 images- 11 high res.
Along the roadside on the Leh-Khardung La road before South Pullu (15,300 ft) on 15.6.22 in Ladakh.




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