Pueraria tuberosa (Willd.) DC. (syn: Hedysarum tuberosum Willd.);
— named for Marc Nicolas Puerari, Swiss botanist
Dave’s Botanary
too-ber-OH-suh or tew-ber-OH-suh — tuberousDave’s Botanary
commonly known asIndian kudzuNepalese kudzu • Bengaliশিমিআবাতরাজী shimia batraji • Dogrisayali • Gujaratiભોંયકોળું bhonyakolumખાખરવેલ khakhar-velફગડાનો વેલો phagadano veloવિદારીકંદ vidarikanda • Hindiबनकुमड़ा bankumaraबिलाई कन्द bilayi kand • Kannadaಭೂ ಸಕ್ಕರೆ ಗಡ್ಡೆ bhoo sakkare gaddeಗುಮ್ಮಡಿ ಗಿಡ gummadi gida • Konkani: ¿ बिरमुळो birmulo ? • Malayalamമുതുക്ക് mutukk • Marathiबेंदरवेल bendarvelभरडा bhardaभुईकोहळा bhuikohalaदारी dariघोडवेल ghodvelविदारी vidari • Nepaliबिरालि कन्द birali kanda • Oriyaକଟକା kataka • Punjabiਸਿਆਲੀ sialiਸੁਰਾਲਾ surala • Sanskritभूमिकुष्माण्ड bhumikusmandaगजवाजिप्रिया gajavajipriyaइक्षुगन्धा iksu-gandhaकन्दपलाश kandapalashस्वादुकन्दा svadukandaविदारी vidari • Tamilகரிக்கும்மடி karikkummatiநிலப்பூசனி nila-p-pucani • Teluguదారి గుమ్మడి dari gummadiనేల గుమ్మడి nela gummadiవిదారి కంద vidaari kanda 
India (N); Andhra Pradesh ; Arunachal Pradesh ; Assam ; Bihar ; Goa; Gujarat ; Haryana ; Himachal Pradesh ; Jammu-Kashmir ; Karnataka ; Kerala ; Madhaya Pradesh ; Maharashtra ; Manipur ; Meghalaya; Mizoram ; Nagaland ; Orissa; Punjab ; Rajasthan ; Sikkim ; Tamil Nadu ; Tripura ; Uttar Pradesh ; West Bengal ; Nepal (N); Pakistan (N) as per ILDIS;



Pueraria tuberosa – efloraofindia | Google Groups :
At Kanakeshwar, Alibag– 7 April, 2010;

Pueraria tuberosa:
Flowers of Pueraria tuberosa
Local Marathi names: Vikarikand, Dari
Today at Kanakeshwar, Alibag

–  Question: is the Marathi name VIKARIKANDA (with a K) or is it VIDARIKAND (with a D)
I am a bit confused….

–  i am student of forestry in dapoli (maharashtra). i am interested to collect seeds. please help me. waiting for ur valuable reply. i am doing ms c in forestry, i am searching for seeds of vidarikanda. it is use to Tye up the grasses in konkan. i alrady try air layering for propagation but it is failed.


Pueraria tuberosa?:
This climber was observed by us near Mulshi near the TATA gate. I don’t remember the name you told at that time. I think this plant is Pueraria tuberosa. This is a distant shot as it was in a private area where photography was forbidden.

– Yes, it is Pueraria tuberosa of Fabaceae, Dari or Vidarikand in marathi since it has tuberous roots.

– From last month I am visiting to the Traditional Healers and explaining about the harms due to Radiation Poisoning with pictures and small films collected from net. The Healers are giving their suggestions for
prevention as well as cure. Pueraria is one of the herbs many of them are suggesting. Please see attached Hindi article on Possible Radiation Herbs.
    Some related Youtube Links
Healing Herbs for Nuclear/Radiation Poisoning in Japan.
Impact of Radiation Poisoning on Biodiversity and Traditional Healing.
Part-1 © Pankaj . <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a_LkjqPf01Y>
Healing Herbs for Nuclear/Radiation Poisoning in Japan.
Healing Herbs for Nuclear/Radiation Poisoning in Japan.
Radiation Clouds (?) over Raipur City on April 04, 2011. Part
Healing Herbs for Nuclear/Radiation Poisoning in Japan. Part-1

Pueraria tuberosa: Today at Kanakeshwar, Alibag
Pueraria tuberosa
Marathi name:

Sorry, … for comment but please share all parts so that it can be compared with Pueraria lobata and Pueraria phaseoloides before coming to conclusion.
Please correct me if I am wrong.




I think this is also called as Lasabar ki Bel, Common in Morni Area



Please identify this Climber NS 6:
Photographed at my farm at Shahapur last weekend. Had last year posted photographs of this for identification [which unfortunately was inconclusive] and they are available at this link
Have deliberately added photograph 3 which besides featuring the climber in question [at the top] also showcases Butea parviflora / Palas [on the right] in addition to Celastrus paniculatus [Jyotismati], Dioscorea bulbifera [Kadu Karanda] & Carissa congesta [Carvanda].
Unfortunately have not observed this climber either flowering or fruiting.

Could this be the Indian Kudzu [Pueraria tuberosa] ?

I was about to say Spatholobus but then I saw the previous link.
I think its high time for your to dig it out. If you find the tubers below then it should be Pueraria tuberosa.
In Jharkhand tribals call it Patal Kohda Literally meaning UNDERGROUND PUMPKIN!!

Difficult, almost impossible to find the origin of these climbers due to the thick vegetation. Await other opinions. Meanwhile will keep a lookout for the fruit later [when the climber is leafless] and the flowering [which occurs beween February and April].

It is the Indian Kudzu. It had flowered recently and I had posted the photographs here.




trifoliolate Leguminosae ID from Hooghly 30/10/12 sk3:

Found this vine inside a PWD compound. A Pueraria sp.?
Species : UNKNOWN
H & H : wild vine; trifoliolate; climbs more than 20 feet
Date : 23/10/12, 11.00 a.m.
Place : Hooghly

Affirmative. This looks like the Indian Kudzu [Pueraria tuberosa]. Sending one of my more recent photographs for comparison. My previous photographs of this are available at this link

Thank you very much, i found your post. I had a hesitation if this could be Mucuna pruriens also, but … also identified this as Pueraria tuberosa.
These days i have stopped late night browsing, received your mail this morning.

Thank you once again for the photograph, link and ID.


Indian Kudzu flowering:
Photographed on my property at Shahapur today (19.2.12). My previous photographs of this are available at this link

Very good to see this huge flowering of
Pueraria tuberosa
Fabaceae Faboideae climber.



Pueraria tuberosa :  Attachments (6).  4 posts by 3 authors.
Flowers of Pueraria tuberosa
Local marathi names: Vidarikanda, Dari
Today (4.4.13) at Kanakeshwar, Alibag

Beautiful pics. It is also blooming nowadays in lower hills of Uttarakhand. This species blooms much before the leaves are produced.

Yes, lovely pics … the climber is beautiful to see in bloom..


Pueraria tuberosa at Kankeshwar :  Attachments (5). 4 posts by 4 authors.

Sharing few photographs of Indian kudzu.
Bot. name: Pueraria tuberosa
Family: Fabaceae
Date/ Time: 06-04-2013 / 02:30PM
Location: Kankeshwar (near Alibag), Maharashtra.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Climber


QUERY :: Bengali name for Pueraria tuberosa :  5 posts by 3 authors.

Please help me with name(s) of Pueraria tuberosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) DC.
One name is:
Shimia batraji … Ref: The Useful Plants of India by NISCAIR
Please help with this name in native script.

… this could be the name in native script … শিমিআবাতরাজী … do please validate, yields no search results on internet.
Reference: Purnnachandra Ordia Bhashakosha

Flora Indica doesn’t mention any Bengali name for this plant.
Hortus Suburbanus Calcuttensis also gives no Bengali name.
Bengal Plants does mention it as SHIMIA BATRAJI, so does An English Index…. (Piddington). The Bengali script could be any of শিমিয়া বাতরাজি / শিমিয়া বতরাজি / শিমীয়া বত্রাজি . But, i am not sure if this name is popular here. For An English Index to the Plants of India also mentions one plant, Dolichos glutinosus, as SHIMI BATRAJEE in Hindi.
It seems to me that the above mentioned Bengali name for Pueraria tuberosa comes from Greater Bengal, in those days.

Many many thanks …  for the clarification, as well as for the possible variants of the name in Bangla script.


QUERY :: Konkani name for Pueraria tuberosa : 3 posts by 2 authors.
… a name for Pueraria tuberosa is given as “birmolo” in Flora of Goa (pdf).

Please help validate which of the following spellings is correct:
1) बिरमोलो … 2) बिरमोळो … 3) बिर्मोलो … 4) बिर्मोळो
If none of above is correct, please help me with correct spelling in Devanagari script.




Names of Plants in India :: Pueraria tuberosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) DC. : 6 images. 8 posts by 4 authors.
via Species‎ > ‎P‎ > ‎  Pueraria tuberosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) DC. … family: Fabaceae, also placed in Papilionaceae

Flowers of India Discussions at efloraofindia more views in flickr more views on Google Earth
pew-er-RAY-ree-uh — named for Marc Nicolas Puerari, Swiss botanistDave’s Botanary
too-ber-OH-suh or tew-ber-OH-suh — tuberousDave’s Botanary
commonly known as: Indian kudzu, Nepalese kudzuBengali: শিমিআবাতরাজী shimia batrajiDogri: sayaliGujarati: ભોંયકોળું bhonyakolum, વિદારીકંદ vidarikandaHindi: बनकुमड़ा bankumara, बिलाई कन्द bilayi kandKannada: ಭೂ ಸಕ್ಕರೆ ಗಡ್ಡೆ bhoo sakkare gadde, ಗುಮ್ಮಡಿ ಗಿಡ gummadi gidaKonkani: ¿ बिरमुळो birmulo ? • Malayalam: മുതുക്ക് mutukkMarathi: बेंदरवेल bendarvel, भरडा bharda, भुईकोहळा bhuikohala, दारी dari, घोडवेल ghodvel, विदारी vidariNepali: बिरालि कन्द birali kandaOriya: କଟକା katakaPunjabi: ਸਿਆਲੀ siali, ਸੁਰਾਲਾ suralaSanskrit: भूमिकुष्माण्ड bhumikusmanda, गजवाजिप्रिया gajavajipriya, इक्षुगन्धा iksu-gandha, कन्दपलाश kandapalash, स्वादुकन्दा svadukanda, विदारी vidariTamil: கரிக்கும்மடி karikkummati, நிலப்பூசனி nila-p-pucaniTelugu: దారి గుమ్మడి dari gummadi, నేల గుమ్మడి nela gummadi
botanical names: Pueraria tuberosa (Roxb. ex Willd.) DC. … synonyms: Hedysarum tuberosum Roxb. ex Willd. (basionym)
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Photographed at Bondla Wildlife Sanctuary, Goa on 19 FEB 12
More views of this sighting: …………..

Have known this twiner as ખાખરવેલ / Khakhar-vel, suggestive of its trifoliate leaves akin to ખાખરો / Khakhro i.e. Butea monosperma. The Gujarati name વિદારીકંદ / Vidari-kand is indicative of the underground tubers that have to be ripped out of the ground ( વિદારવું ). Yet another Gujarati name of this plant is ફગડાનો વેલો / Phagadano Velo since the new leaves emerge in the month of ફાગણ / Phagan. 

Thank you very much … for the interesting names of Pueraria tuberosa in Gujarati. Thanks for the additional information. Will incorporate them into my notes post this Asteraceae Part I fortnight.

I am seeking a verification about the name of the scientist in whose honour this genus is named. I ask because I often visit Thailand where we have several kudzus and I have some local literature which credits
the name as M. W. Puerari. I am getting mixed results on the internet, M. W. as well as M. N. Puerari. Thanks in advance for any help in this regard and compliments for your haunting photography.

Thank you very much for pointing out to this confusion of M. N. and M. W. Puerari

To my belief it must be Marc Nicolas Puerari (1765 – 1845), Swiss botanist & professor, who taught at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark, and left his herbarium to a younger compatriot, Alphonse Louis Pierre Pyrame de Candolle (1806-1893) …other than Dave’s Botanary, we find it mentioned in CalfloraAmerican Journal of BotanyFlora of Australia OnlinePlant Lives (PDF) • Forest Invasive Plants Resource Center (PDF).
Swiss botanist M. W. Puerari (1766 – 1845) … does appear in few results; but no details are found.
If someone helps what the initials M. W. stand for – the search may become interesting.

I think both the records point to the same author. A search for the name ‘Puerari’ yielded a single record in IPNI and JSTOR as well.
Marc Nicolas Puerari 1766-1845
So the other entry may be an orthographis error.

Much appreciate your help in confirming the initials to be M. N. Puerari. I thought perhaps there were two different scientists called Puerari but it looks like M. W. is a mistake.




Fabaceae (Faboideae) Fortnight :: Pueraria tuberosa :: Morni & Chakrata :: NS OCT 101/101 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (5)
This is common climbing legume of lower and mid Himalayan zone..
Present pics are from Morni hills and Chakrata..!!
Pueraria tuberosa

Sharing few photographs of Indian kudzu.
Bot. name: Pueraria tuberosa
Family: Fabaceae
Date/ Time: 06-04-2013 / 02:30PM
Location: Kankeshwar (near Alibag), Maharashtra.
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Climber



Please identify this Liana – NS 6 : 10 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Photographed at my farm at Shahapur yesterday. Unfortunately do not have any photographs of it flowering / fruiting. Also, it is not Mucuna pruriens [Common Cowitch / Khaj khujli] which is flowering & fruiting right now.

This could be Spatholobus.

Thank you … for this lead. This is not Spatholobus parviflora [Butea parviflora] as I have many Butea parviflora climbers on my property, so the only other possibility is Butea superba. Remember Dr. Almeida telling me that B.superba is very rare.
Will have to wait for more inputs or till the plants flower / fruit.

Butea superba Roxb. Pl. Coromandel i. t. 22.-. 1795. Please find the plate (t 22 from Plants of Coromandel) attached to help you in identification.

Attachments (1)

Thanks …, but don’t think the leaves look anything like this. Will have to try some other lead

Whats the flower colour?

Have only recently noticed this liana so am not aware of the nature of its flowers/ fruit. Will keep a watch and let you know.
P.S. – Also don’t think it is the Indian Kudzu [Pueraria tuberosa].

I have not been able to diiferentiate between B. superba and
B. parviflora. How do you tell them apart from leaves? I am yet to see B. superba anywhere in my search over last 12 years. I am anxious to know.

Just received a reply from …. He feels it could possibly be the Indian Kudzu [Pueraria tuberosa]. Will have to check again.

…, quite likely … is correct, Indian Kudzu is seen near Cec centre, and appears very similar to the pics of your climber.

Id requested for the climber : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Id requested for the climber. Picture send by my friend from Bangladesh
March, 2019

More seems to be Pueraria tuberosa.

For Id 050708JM2 : Attachments (3)
In March’08 at Jayanti, Duars, West Bengal.

this is the flower belonging to family papilionaceae

Thanks, …,

It may be Indigofera atropurpurea as per Concise Flowers of Himalayas by Polunin & Stainton. Here is a link for it: http://www.efloras.org/florataxon.aspx?flora_id=5&taxon_id=242326754

Feedback from …:

I am not sure but the images looks different.

Is the ID correct ??

Flowers appears to be of Pueraria tuberosa
Leaves are of some other plant.

What is the habit of the plant, I mean shrub or herb.

the flower color is similar but the branched infloresence seems at odds

Seems like some shrubby climbing plant.

and added problem. after all these years people still dont take a couple of more pictures. habit. habitat and some greater details of leaves.


Observation in Hazaribag, Jharkhand: 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (3)- around 800 kb each.

Please, ID this plant seen on river beds of the Konar, below the dam.
Both lianas or stranglers.
Unfortunately now flowers. Photographed in fruiting season.

Fabaceae for sure.
Gliricidia sepium ?
Please show few leaves, habit too. 

Looks different from Gliricidia sepium
Something else.

It looks like fruits of Pureria tuberosa

Need help id’ing this liana : 10 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (2) – around 600 kb each.
Hi, this is on a steep slope in Bhopal. Photo taken on 3/5/2020. Need help. 

Please try this link
https://sites.google.com/site/efloraofindia/species/a—l/f/fabaceae. for ID.

Any habit image?


Here are two more images I have:
Attachments (2)- 1 mb each. 

At least leaf and habit are required to guess

Pueraria tuberosa perhaps

it is  Pueraria tuberosa (Willd.) DC.

Re: Pueraria tuberosa : 3 posts by 2 authors. 3 images.
This climber is from Rajnagar, Kumarghat, Tripura
The tuber is seen in the photo
It could be Pueraria tuberosa
Please confirm

I guess correct ID !

I too agree with you for ID


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