Ramalina farinacea (L.) Ach. (syn: Lichen farinaceus L.; Parmelia farinacea (L.) Ach.; Ramalina fallax Motyka; Ramalina hypoprotocetrarica W. L. Culb.; Ramalina reagens (B. de Lesd.) W. L. Culb.);  




The shrub like lantern like Fruticose lichen seen at Kulgi, WLS, Karnataka, last week of April,’10.

I just thought of learning a bit more and look what I found.

Shrub like lichen may be Parmelia perlata (Linn.). This is used as spice named Chharila.

To me this lichen appears to be a fruticose lichen Ramalina farinacea. This is one of the commonest tree- inhabiting species. The thallus is strap- shaped, flattened,  grows in tufts – erect or pendant ( 3 to 10 cm long) and is grey-green in colour. The thallus is similar in appearance on both sides.
 …, I don’t know its exact size. From its look I am able to gather that it is Ramalina sp. If you have a close up of branches may be we can see soralia.

Thank you M’am for this very interesting explanation. I have cropped the pic. and attaching a close-up, hope it is of help.
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Yes in the close up we can see soralia on the margins of the thallus. These are reproductive structures consisting of soredia (algal cells + fungal hyphae).