Renanthera imschootiana Rolfe, Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew 1891: 200 1891. (syn. Renanthera papilio King & Prain);
Red Vanda, Imschoot’s Renanthera • Manipuri: ক্ৱাকলৈ হংগামপাল Kwaklei hangampal, ক্ৱাকলৈ অঙাংবা Kwaklei angangba; 




Orchid for id from Trade Fair Delhi
This was in W Bengal Pavilion indicating orchids of Darjeeling
Id Pls

This is likely to be Renanthera imschootiana, a protected species in India.



Few more Orchids for id from Manipur
These printed Pics were shot and provided to us by some of ours Classmates from Manipur ( Who were resident of Manipur) in 1998.
This is last from Manipur Region…..

Renanthera imschootiana.




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This was also shot from Kalimpong.. please validate/correct the id.
Renanthera imschootiana ….

Renanthera imschootiana

I think there are two different (1+1 and 2) plants here. Both are hybrids of Renanthera imschootiana

First two does look like somewhat pure form, but I need to see the leaves. Third is surely a hybrid.




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