Searsia mysorensis (G.Don) Moffett, Bothalia 37: 170 2007. (syn: Rhus indica Herb. Madr. ex Wight & Arn.; Rhus mysorensis G. Don; Toxicodendron mysurense (G. Don) Kuntze); 

India (Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Rajasthan, Maharasthra, Andhra Pradesh,
Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala)), Pakistan (Sind, Karachi, Baluchistan,
as Catalogue of Life

Keys given in Flora of eastern Ghats:
1. Armed tree, panicle 3-10 cm long ………… Searsia mysorensis (G.Don) Moffett (syn: Rhus mysorensis G. Don)
2. Unarmed tree, panicle 10-20 cm long …… Searsia paniculata (Wall. ex G.Don) Moffett  (syn: Rhus paniculata Wall. ex G. Don)

Mysore Sumac • Hindi: दसनी Dasni, Dansara, Darsan • Marathi: अम्बॊनी Amboni • Malayalam: Chippamaram • Telugu: Sitha, Sundari • Kannada: Hulmari, Sabale, Sappli;

Habit: A bushy small tree, upto 8m.

Flower In panicles, terminal or upper leaf axils; yellow. Flowering from November-January.
Fruit A globose drupe, small, compressed; seed solitary. Fruiting December onwards.
Field tips Leaves 3-foliolate. Branchlets woolly at apices, spines upto 1.5 cm long.
Leaf Arrangement Alternate-spiral
Leaf Type Trifoliate
Leaf Shape Obovate
Leaf Apex Obtuse-apiculate
Leaf Base Cuneate
Leaf Margin Sinous
Branches are used for fencing.
Common in foothills, scrub jungle to 900m. North west India to the peninsular India.
Found in dry slopes, and exposed rocks from 400 to 800m. Common. India.
Attributions- Keystone Foundation


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Date of Pic. taken-21.02.2013

The leaf, fruit, and branches structure looks like Rhus mysorensis of Sapindaceae

Yes I agree with Rhus mysorensis




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Sharing images of another Anacardiaceae member
Rhus mysorensis
Vetal Tekdi Pune

Wonderful crisp images … it is always a pleasure to watch your posts…!!!


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attaching image of Commifera wightii? for validation please validate

Or is it Rhus mysorensis?

It looks like  two different plants in this picture. One occupying the major portion with a bunch of  fruits. Another is on the right side (down) corner.

I also think it’s Rhus mysorensis

yes its Indeed Rhus mysorensis, thank you all.

later on i was able to sight Commifera wightti in wild, attaching images.

I agree with the ID by … Any how, you may also check for Rhus trilobata to rule out it is not R.trilobata..



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Rhus mysorensis अमानी

Images by Satish Phadke, Devendra Bhardwaj & J. M. Garg (Validated by Vijayasankar Raman) (Inserted by J.M.Garg) 

8/3/2007: Smiriti van, Jaipur; Fl & Fr-March-June; On 14/11/09 in Shamirpet in Rangareddi district of Andhra Pradesh, India; on way to ARAI Vetal tekdi Pune- June’10; Fl. & Fr.: According to Bhandari flora-July-Sept; Rhus mysorensis G.Don. – indiantreepix | Google Groups Rhus mysorensis ? – indiantreepix | Google Groups Rhus mysorensis – efloraofindia | Google Groups




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