Rosa sericea Lindl., Ros. Monogr. 105, pl. 120 105 1820. (Syn. Rosa sericea f. chrysocarpa (Rehd.) S. G. Haw; Rosa sericea f. glabrescens Franch.; Rosa sericea f. glandulosa T. T. Yu & T. C. Ku; Rosa tetrapetala Royle; Rosa wallichii Tratt. (ambiguous synonym));
N-India (Chamba), Jammu & Kashmir (Ladakh), Bhutan, Sikkim, Assam, Taiwan, China (Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan), Tibet, Myanmar [Burma] (Chin, Kachin, Magway), Nepal as per Catalogue of Life;
Wingthorn Rose, Silky Rose • Hindi: जंगली गुलाब Jangali-gulab, dhurkunja, shedham, टॆशु Teshu, बन गुलाब Ban gulab • Nepali: भॊटे गुलाफ Bhote gulaf;


Seen this Rosaceae Shrub along the Mana- Vasundhara falls trail. I could spot only one flower.
Date/Time: 11-08-2012 / 01:30PM
Habitat: Wild
Plant habit: Shrub

Flower : white, around 4 to 5 cm in dia

I think Rosa sericea

Yes … is right. Four visible petals is distinctive.

and not only the four petals but the thorns’ shape and numbers was unique??? i wonder

Yes, this comes within what I understand to be Rosa sericea – note the fearsome, wide-based prickles. The flowers of R.sericea are not particularly showy.

VOF Week: Rose for Id from Valley of Flowers..:
This shrub was shot from way to valley and elsewhere, wish to have id…no flowers could be seen by me.

Perhaps Rosa macrophylla, but fruits looks different.

Rosa sericea – the leaflets are diagnostic

Fruits is like rosa serisa.

This does come within what I understand to be Rosa sericea – a highly variable species.

VoF Week: 19092012 BS 11 Rosa sp for id from the way to Ghangriya:
Pls id this Rosaceae shrub shot from GG Trek
no flowers seen

Should be Rosa sericea…nice pics..

I think yes
uploaded earlier also and perhaps identified by …

Yes, this comes within what I understand to be Rosa sericea.

ANJUN34/35 Rosa sp. for identification (Churdhar Trip 34) : 2 posts by 1 author. Attachments (6)

Family: Rosaceae
Date: May 2015
Place: Churdhar Sanctuary, Himachal Pradesh

Habit: Shrub
Altitude: 2800 metres above sea level
Is this Rosa webbiana?

Identified by … as Rosa sericea Wall. ex Lindl.

Yes, this comes within what I understand to be Rosa sericea


Rosa sericea (Rosaceae) from Uttarakhand: June 2015_DSR_08 :  3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (1)
Rosa sericea Lindl. (Rosaceae) is a common shrub around Badrinath, Uttarakhand. In full bloom nowadays (24.6.15)

very nice. is the 7 leaflet leaf  seen always?

Leaflets ranges from 7 to 11 in this species.

Yes, this probably comes within what I understand to be Rosa sericea but on future occasions please photograph sepals, prickles and lower foliage as well.


Rosaceae Fortnight-Rosa sericea from Himachal-GSG03/Sept 2015 : 1 post by 1 author. 2 images.
Below are images of 4-petaled white rose (Rosa sericea), with a pic of the species in fruit, from higher altitudes (above 2600 m) in Kullu district and Shimla district respectively.

Correctly identified – good photos.

Rosa sericea Lindley, Ros. Monogr. 105. 1820.
Syn: Rosa tetrapetala Royle; R. wallichii Trattinnick.
A very distinctive species with white flowers with 4 sepals and petals; shrub with prickle below leaves absent elsewhere; leaves with 5-13 leaflets, ovate to obovate, serrate in upper part, entire in basal portion; flowers solitary, white, 3-5 cm in diam on up to 2 cm long pedicel; sepals 4, ovate-lanceolate; petals 4, white, apex emarginate; fruit red or purple-brownobovoid to globose.
Photographed from near Okhimath near Chopta in Uttarakhand


Rosa sericea Lindl. (accepted name) ??? : 14 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (6)
Location: Jomsom, Mustang, Nepal
Altitude:  9000 ft.
Date: 22 April 2013

These images are of Rosa sericea – which varies a good deal.  The forms found in the Upper Kali Gandaki, Mustang District of Nepal in more arid ‘Tibetan Borderland’ conditions can look substantially different to those growing in wetter, monsoonal climes.

Flora of Mustang (2008) says gravelly or sandy place, especially near streams @ 2700-4000m.  I came across this rose near Jomsom during my first visit to Nepal in 1990. Initially, I wondered if this was a form of Rosa webbiana.
The images at the bottom of this page, taken in another part of Nepal show the broad-based, blood-red spines of what is known as var. pteracantha.  This variety is in cultivation in the UK where the reddish, spiny stems are ornamental in the winter especially on sunny days.   The flowers of Rosa sericea are not particularly showy.
I have assorted images of this species which I may post at some point.

Further to my recent post which applied ONLY to the last 4 of the 6 images. I think you will find that the first 2 belong not only to a different specimen but not Rosa sericea?

I guess it is my oversight. First two pictures are apple flower.
Apology for confusion.

OK.  Flora of Mustang records Malus baccata ‘Siberian Crab Apple’ from mixed forest or open grassland @ 2000-3500m with a specimen seen between Kagbeni & Muktinath (2800-3650m).
Presumably the first two images are of this?

I guess these are from plantation not wild !

Nepali Names : भोटे गुलाफ Bhote Gulaaf / दारिमपाते Daarimapaate / खरौटे Kharaute / ह्रयूली Rhyuli / जंगली गुलाफ  jangali Gulaaf

As to ‘apples’ in Nepal.
Flora of Mustang only lists Malus baccata but may well have omitted cultivated plants.
An Enumeration of the Flowering Plants of Nepal lists Malus baccata, Malus pumila [syn. M.domestica] (as widely cultivated but only noted from ‘West’ Nepal) and M.sikkimensis.
Flowers of Himalaya list M.baccata and M.sikkimensis with M.domestica ‘Apple’ being grown in the middle hill villages, particularly in the valleys of Kulu and Kashmir.

It is from apple farm not wild ! 

This illustrates the importance of indicating if the images posted are from plants being cultivated or growing wild. One cannot always tell from one or two close-ups of the flowers – no images of habit or habitat were provided.
As I always say, the more information/clues provided the better.


Dr R Stewart was sceptical about the records of this species for Pakistan & Kashmir.  Mason was supposed to have found it in the Shaksgam Valley on the Ladakh-Chinese border and it was reported from Shopayan, Kashmir by Rao.
Its normal range is from Chamba eastward.
Rosa sericea is included within the Rosaceae revision towards Flora of Pakistan (available on efloraofPakistan).  The author states that there are a number records from NE Pakistan but not supported by any herbarium specimens. They thought its presence in Pakistan was “probable”.  I do not agree. I should think it probably is NOT found in Pakistan with the previous records being misidentifications without supporting herbarium voucher specimens.
Rosa sericea is not included by Dickore & Klimes in the most up-to-date check-list for Ladakh.


Rosaceae Week- 031011 NS1 a rose for ID ,from Shimla:
This rose was photographed at Shimla, in wild.
My guess is Himalayan Musk Rose / Rosa brunonii.
Location- Churdhar  Wildlife Sanctuary, Shimla
Date/ Time – Oct 2010.

Silky Rose (Rosa sericea)

It was a shrub.

I think this probably is Rosa sericea – DIFFICULT when ONLY close-ups of petals shown. PLEASE on future occasions take images
of sepals, prickles and foliage as well.

Rosaceae Week: Rosa sericea_RKC06_04102011:
Rosa sericea for you.
Loc.: On way to Churdhar, Himachal Pradesh (ca 1500m)
Date: 10th August, 2010.

Yes! It was like a flower hunting trip and we stopped at every now and then to take photographs.
Churdhar wildlife sanctuary is blessed with rich floristic diversity and a long trail of ca 14 kms can be thoroughly enjoyed.
Due to this hunting, we could not reach to the destination and returned back at the same day. But anyway, it was a wonderful experience exploring this region.

I think this does come within what I understand to be Rosa sericea but growing here in shade and high rainfall conditions the plants looks very different from the xerophytic forms found in the Mustang District of the Upper Kali Gandaki in Nepal.


Rosa sericea Lindl. : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)- around 600 kb each.
Location: Sandakphu, India
Date: 14 May 2018
Altitude: 11000 ft.

Habit : Wild


Rosaceae-2 for ID :: Ghangaria-VOF, Uttarakhand :: Aug 2018 :: ARKOCT-58 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (7)
Saw this Rosaceae member on the way to VOF just at the start of the trail near Ghangaria, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018. It was next to another member of the same family posted here
Is this Rosa sericea? Requested to please provide ID.

May be as per first glance at

Rosaceae for ID :: Mana, Uttarakhand :: Aug 2018 :: ARKNOV-24 : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Saw this Rosaceae member in Mana village, Uttarakhand in Aug 2018.
Is this Rosa sericea? Requested to please validate.

I guess … is correct !

SK658 19 JUL-2017:ID : 4 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (10)
Location: Kagbeni, Mustang, Nepal
Date: 9 April  2017
Altitude: 10500 ft.
Rosa…?? 5  Petals.

seems Rosa sericea 

I thought but it has 5 petals and thorns look little different.

Rosa species so far in efloraofindia

Rosa sericea Wall. ex Lindl. ??
ID validation please !

To me also appear close to images at Rosa sericea

But fruits at Rosa sericea look different
May be fruit is looking different because it is in the drying process.

Yes, Rosa sericea Lindl.

wow. great shots. so many pollinators. no wonder this species develops a lot of rose heips


Rosa sericea Lindl.: 3 very high res. images.
Location: Rara, Nepal
Altitude:  2957m.
Date: 20 August 2021
Habit : Wild 


Rosa sericea Lindl.: 7 very high res. images.

Location: Jumla, West Nepal
Altitude: 2500m.
Date: 23 August 2021
Habit :  Wild


Rosa sericea?? enroute Dev Kyara- Uttarakhand – PKA17: 6 images.

Erect shrub enroute Dev Kyara- Uttarakhand. Looks like Rosa sericea?
Kindly validate ID.