Rotheca microphylla (Blume) Callm. & Phillipson, Candollea 68: 317 (2013). (syn: Adelosa microphylla Blume; Clerodendrum bernieri Briq.; Clerodendrum dalei Moldenke; Clerodendrum incisum Klotzsch; Clerodendrum incisum var. afzelii Moldenke; Clerodendrum incisum var. longepedunculatum B.Thomas; Clerodendrum incisum var. macrosiphon (Hook.f.) Baker; Clerodendrum incisum var. parvifolium Moldenke; Clerodendrum incisum var. typicum Bakh., not validly publ.; Clerodendrum incisum var. vinosum Chiov.; Clerodendrum lindemuthianum Vatke; Clerodendrum macrosiphon Hook.f.; Rotheca incisa (Klotzsch) Steane & Mabb.) as per Catalogue of Life;
Kenya; Madagascar; Mozambique; Somalia; Tanzania; Zimbabwe as per Catalogue of Life;
Musical Note, Morning Kiss, Witches Tongue;

Came across this Garden plant at vadodara . Local people were referring it by name “Dev-chakali“.
Bot name: Clerodendrum incisum
Family: Verbenaceae
Common name: Musical note

Now in family Lamiaceae

Herb for ID – Kerala:
A friend of me (…) has upload the attach pic on, group Indian Flora, Face Book.
This was photographed last week at Mallapani area of Kerala. Kindly advice the ID.

This is Clerodendrum incisum.
Family: Lamiaceae
Commonly known as Musical Note Plant.


Clerodendrum incisum (or vasuki nag !) from Alipore:

This one gave me much trouble to obtain the ID through my simple search method! “Long corolla tube” gave me thousands images. However, finally got it!
Species : Clerodendrum incisum Klotzsch (syn. Rotheca incisa and many more)
Habit & Habitat : garden herb
Date : 25-05-12, 1.51 p.m.

Good for you, that’s better, and how I often find the id of my plants and flowers pic that I take around the world, and when I come home I try to find the id or at least the family before asking… sometimes its serendipity though… I run into the id of the plant in many forums that i visit… or some gardener would point me in the right direction … many garden clubs exist in the west.. and those ladies (mostly) are very knowledgeable .. they may not know taxonomy but thye know their plants names growing habits and what they love when?
So you had a profitable one hour till the cashiers came back!!!
what else di draw your attention?
ps by the way I was at a school near moulali yesterday for my math exam and found a sparse shrub with the whitish-pinkish rose like flowers that you had photographed at a railway station… large black ants were swarming the flower heads, so we did not venture too close… but I could smell the scent even from 3-4 feet away… I would prefer to label it Clerodendrum fragrans…. I could never get to your rrstation, but serendipity … found it at an unexpected place… thanks for showing it here…

So, you are facing math exam in this scorching summer! I am happy that you found the flowers there. But it’s a mystery why do you like that particular flowers so much!

looks like a rose or double mogra and yet its neither …….

Well, …, the anastomosing network of your gray cells are far more superior than mine. I admit that i have no special love for flowers/plants, only this much i know that they are nucleus of life, though sometimes get intrigued by intricate design of passionflowers!


clerodendrum macrosiphon/incisum.pls validate-210914RT-2 : 3 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4).

Musical notes plant.
Habitat-cultivated garden.

Yes it is Rotheca incisa (Klotzsch) Steane & Mabb.(= Clerodendrum macrosiphon Hook.f.), native of Africa

/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/IMG_6374.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/IMG_6376.jpg/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/IMG_6321.jpgNSJJAN01 A Night Flowering Plant for ID : 5 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
A 3 1/2 feet tall flowering plant for ID. Flowers approximately 12 cm long. Flowering in night at around 10 PM. The photos have to be taken before 8 AM in the morning. No smell. Location – ASCI – Hyderabad. Flowering season Oct – Nov. 

Clerodendrum incisum?

Thanks Sir, the ID is correct, commonly known as Musical Note plant I just checked from Google.

Beautiful upload yes it is Clerodendrum incisum


Lamiaceae (incl. Verbenaceae) Fortnight :: Verbenaceae :: Clerodendrum incisum :: VJTI, Flower Show :: ARKMAY-34/34 : 1 post by 1 author. Attachments (1)
Attached is a picture of Clerodendrum incisum (musical notes) captured at VJTI, Flower Show in Mumbai in February 2013.



Lamiaceae (including Verbenaceae) Fortnight : Clerodendrum incisum : Muscat : 20MAY15 : AK-54 : 54/56 : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4)
Common name Musical Note.
From a garden in Muscat.

Interesting and new to me.. thanks …

Flower similar to Clerodendrum : 2 posts by 2 authors.
This flower needs identification. It is small plant in the pot. It has dented leaves. It looks similar to Clerodendrum.

Clerodendrum incisum  (Common name: Musical Note)


Plant For ID : Muscat : 230913 : AK-1 : Attachments (1). 3 posts by 2 authors.
Plant seen in one of the gardens on 3/9/2010.
Not very sure if growing wild or cultivated.
Seems like the flower has fallen off, these could be the seeds.

This seems to be Clerodendrum incisum, Syn Rotheca incisa.

Identification of musical note flower : 6 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)- 4 mb.
What is this plant called, please? I just call it musical notes and the buds look. like notes on a Western music scale!

Clerodendrum incisum – ornamental shrub family Verbenaceae

Yes, I agree with Clerodendrum incisum. Such a pretty plant!
Please, checking the Catalogue of Life lists the name now as Rotheca microphylla.


Seeking identification of “musical notes” : 8 posts by 6 authors.
I just call this musical notes since the buds look like a note on a Western musical score! Identification, please

Rotheca incisa is an example.
4 images.

SK1693 03 Jan 2019 : 8 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)- 5 Mb.
Location : Sentosa , Singapore
Date : 18 October 2012
Altitude  131 m.
Habit : Cultivated
Clerodendrum indicum (L.) ??

full plant> full inflorescence pics please

Pictures shot before 2013 without much  knowledge about plant photography ! Too much अनाडी  those days😂 !

i hope someone will stick their neck out and take a wild guess. good luck

url ??

I still feel this may be something else from Clerodendrum indicum

Seems matching. Thank you …