Rubia sikkimensis Kurz, J. Asiat. Soc. Bengal, Pt. 2, Nat. Hist. 43(2): 188 1874. ;


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Attached is Rubia sikkimensis (pl note the sessile leaves & compare with R. cordifolia) collected from Manipur.




Pl find attached herewith a photograph and brief description of Rubia sikkimensis.
Rubia sikkimensis Kurz in J. Asiat. Soc. 2 : 188. 1874; Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 3 : 203. 1881; C.E.C. Fischer in Rec. Bot. Surv. India 12 (2) : 102. 1938; Hajra et al. (eds.), Mat. Fl. Arunachal Pradesh 1 : 611. 1996. 

Stout climbers. Branches retrosely scabrid. Leaves sessile, in a whorl of 4, elliptic or ovate-lanceolate, 7-15 x 3-5 cm, acute or rounded at base, acute or acuminate at apices, lateral nerves deeply impressed above. Flowers in large panicled cymes; corolla lobes subulate; anthers globose. Fruits globose, 1-1.5 cm in diam., black.

Fl. & Fr.: March-May

Distrib.: INDIA (Arunachal Pradesh, Mizoram, Sikkim), BHUTAN.
Locality of collection: Mariyang, Upper Siang district, Arunachal Pradesh.
Habitat: Hill slopes.
Year of collection: 2006

Thanks for photograph and the description of Rubia sikkimensis. That makes sure that both my plants are distinct from both R. tinctorum and R. sikkimensis which have sessile leaves.

Rubiaceae Week: Rubia sikkimensis_RKC01_06022012: Forwarding the link of my earlier posting for your kind perusal:




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Location: Soureni, Mirik, India
Date: 20 May 2017

Altitude: 4200 ft. 

Pl. see with comparative images at Rubia

Rubia sikkimensis Kurz ???

I also think so as per images at Rubia sikkimensis Kurz & as per comparative images at Rubia


Same location on 7 May 2018.  

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