Just today I took these fotos of the berries. The red ones are not ripe yet.
Brombeeren grow here wild along the road. Going walking these days is a feast, if one is ready to get scratches or step into mud and let the small spiders crawl along ones arms. The berries are mouth-watering.
The ones in the fotos are from my neighbours garden. It is like Parijatak-Baum, the plant is in neighbours garden, the branches in my garden. My neighbours don’t mind, if I pluck the berries, I have also to clean the leaves from my garden in fall.

Thanks for a nice set of blackberries. They are really mouth watering, but beware of Tanay, He may not fly down to Germany seeing these berries.
On a serious note most specimens of European blackberry (R. fruticosus) are now known under the name R. anglocandicans Newton (1977) now better known as English blackberry. Check your plant may not be the same.

These backberries grow plenty in Vancouver even as wild !! i have couple of plants in the house where I live hence I feast on them regularly!!

just check the species. R. ulmifolius is with pruinose branches, not R. anglocandicans.

it is Rubus occidentalis. The black berries with thorns.
Please check the link

May be Rubus occidentalis L.. Clear images of leaves would help much


Blackberries : California : 07JAN15 : AK-10 : 4 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (1)
These were seen in the Farmers Market in Fremont.
Are these Blackberries or Black Raspberries?

Didn’t it have a label… did you buy one pkt and eat them? were they hollow?
did they melt in the mouth like real raspberries?
this picture is not enough
cant see possible hairy surface (raspberry)
nor can i see if the fruit is hollow (raspberry)
the end of this discussion
cant go any further
dont let people tell you about the size of the cell or how shiny the surface needs to be for the differentiation…
shine can be added by mineral oil or olive oil !!!! 

It seems to be Rubus occidentalis


Rosaceae Fortnight : Berries For ID : California : 14SEP15 : AK-35 : 35/37 : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (1)
These berries sold as Black Berries were seen at the Farmers Market in Fremont.
Probably … will be able to help with the id.

when you had first submitted these last year i remember i  myself and … discussed the differences
please find that thread or threads and may be you can remind us what was discussed then.

Here is the earlier thread: Blackberries : California : 07JAN15 : AK-10



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