White Willow;

Tree For ID : Willow Species : California : 21OCT14 : AK-20 : 19 posts by 4 authors. Attachments (5)
Tree seen in a park, probably Willow Species, in Sacramento on 7th Oct,14.
Name of this park was Willow Park… hence the suggested id.
Reminded me of Weeping Willow seen in Kashmir.

Salix babylonica ?

willow park is a neighborhood in the city and a small newer park
your tree is in a grassy area
most likely drought tolerant willow
(Weeping willow grows by lakes and standing water mainly)
I thought of Australian willow as most likely choice

Thanks for a possible id …
On searching, the Australian Willow has longer leaves than those in my pictures.

How can you judge?
In your pictures I don’t see reference, like a pen, camera lens lid or a ruler, or failing all those just your own  or somebody’s borrowed finger..
so how do you know?
also, just the length of leaves don’t make a tree
I can show you Kadam trees with 18 to 24 inch long leaves…
but they are still kadam …
when normal kadam leaf if at the most 6 or 7 inches at the longest…
its a complete package that makes a tree or a plant…  even then it may not,
and just like the cannon ball like tree trunk no matter how much one wants to make it cannon ball tree one cant without supporting evidence because there are at least two ( I have pictures of at least one ) trees that have similar “cannon ball” like fruits on the bark of the trunk from exactly similar stalks…
lets be more scrutinizing
and more detail oriented… then and then only true diagnosis can be made…
so if you have more pictures  of defining aspects please find them and submit…
wait till you go there again…
it happens, I have hundreds yet to be ided pics from all over the world.

Thanks for your feedback.
I guess your choice of Australian Willow could be the right one.

or may be not
i had considered a colloquially known “silver leaf willow”
what is it botanically is anybody’s guess
so may be next time

My search lead me to Salix alba, where the underside of leaves is white in color.

well. silver leaf willow is more like it then. salix alba after all…

I was able to find pictures of the bark. Hope these help.

good. same tree? these trees don’t live that very long, so why are the horticulture cuts so highly calloused and  even have cavities , with perhaps fungi growing ?
the white streaks on the surface next to the furrows (the furrows are ok)  not explainable, unless its white lichen infection all over the tree trunk.  was this side with white streaks facing north?

Frankly, I won’t be able to recollect the direction of this bark.

that’s ok, … it  was a rhetorical thinking aloud kind of question
You were most likely rushing thru a whirlwind trip, so its ok.
Anyways, directions are not possible for many even where they live all their lives.

Can this be Salix alba ‘Sericea’ ?
Common name is Silver Willow as you had suggested initially.
Just a guess.
Our ‘Guruji’ can have a look if he has missed my post earlier.

I think it could be Salix alba only. Not sure of the variety. I have seen these trees near Mountain view lake area (California). Unable to trace the photographs taken by me.

Thanks for your feedback.
The variety was suggested reference to Silver Leaf Willow, suggested by …

Seems to be a Cv of Salix alba, may be sericea? Its pendulous branches also suggest its being a hybrid between S. alba x S. babylonica.

I guess correct ID !