Breynia quadrangularis (J.G. Klein ex Willd.) Chakrab. & N.P. Balakr. in Bangladesh J. Plant Taxon. 19(2): 121. 2012; Welzen et al. in Blumea 59(2): 90. 2014, p. p., incl. typo, excl. syn., sens. str. (syn: Phyllanthus quadrangularis J.G. Klein. ex Willd.; Sauropus quadrangularis (J.G. Klein ex Willd.) Müll.Arg.; Ceratogynum rhamnoides Wight; Sauropus ceratogynum Baill.; Phyllanthus rhamnoides sec. Roxb. (as per efi thread & as per Chakrabarty, T. & Balakrishnan, N. P. 2015. Reinstatement of four taxa synonymized under Breynia quadrangularis with proposal for a new subgenus Hemisauropus (Phyllanthaceae). J. Econ. Taxon. Bot. 39(3-4): 415-419.);
India, Sri Lanka as per POWO;
Assam; Cambodia; China South-Central; China Southeast; East Himalaya; India; Laos; Myanmar; Nepal; Thailand; Tibet; Vietnam as per CoL;
Common name: Quadrangular Leaf-Flower


ID Request 17/12/2011 SS2 : Sauropus sp. from Palakkad district, Kerala:

Please help identify this shrub, Sauropus sp. (Family: Phyllanthaceae).
Photographed on 11 Aug 2011 from Palakkad district in the wild.
Elevation near sea level.

is it cup and saucer plant???

The Cup and Saucer plant is Holmskioldia sanguinea belonging to the family Lamiaceae.
This plant is a relative of Sauropus androgynus commonly called Star gooseberry, Sweet leaf etc. S. androgynus is a popular leafy vegetable in SE Asia.
It is common in the gardens in Trivandrum and we use its leaf as a vegetable.

This is not Holmskioldia sanguine. It is a big cvlimber (looks similar to Bougeinvilla plant from distance).Please see the link at for the real Holmskioldia sanguinea.

The photographs are Sauropus quadrangularis (Willd.) Muell.-Arg. (=Sauropus compressus Muell.-Arg.) showing variation.

Yes, I agree with …, It is Sauropus quadrangularis (Willd.) Muell.-Arg.
Syn: Phyllanthus quadrangularis Willd.; Sauropus compressus Muell.-Arg


ANNOV58 Phyllanthus sp. for identification :  7 posts by 6 authors. Attachments (5).

Chimmony Wildlife Sanctuary, Kerala
November 2014

It may be a Sauropus sp.

May be Sauropus quadrangularis

The plant seems to be Sauropus andryogynus

Sorry for my long absence. It is Sauropus quadrangularis.


ANAUG04/04 Sauropus(?) sp. for identification : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (5)

Family: Phyllanthaceae
Date: 9th August 2015
Place: Udupi, Karnataka

Habit: Herb

The photography is excellent. The undivided male calyx segments point to Sauropus quadrangularis (Willd.) Mull.Arg., now called Breynia quadrangularis (Willd.) Chakrab. & N.P.Balakr.


nilambur, malappuram dt, kerala state;  id- Sauropus – efloraofindia | Google Groups




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