Common name: Nepal Saw-wort

Image by Ushaprabha (mixed thread)

id pl. (mixed thread): 1 correct image as above:

Besides Hemkund and Valley of Flowers I have seen few other species of Saussurea
at the base of `Roopkund` in Gadhaval Himalaya.,
what are other sps? id pl.

first 3- S. nepalensis? …………………..


The Plant List Ver.1.1
 GCC  GBIF  BSI Flora of India  Flora of China (Saussurea eriostemon Wallich ex C. B. Clarke syn. S. nepalensis Sprengel, nom. illeg. superfl.) Annotated checklist of Flowering plants of Nepal  Flowers of India  Alpine Garden Society  Rob’s plants  India Biodiversity Portal  biodiversity bt  IBIS Flora