Schefflera – Araliaceae: Atttaching pics of schefflera seen in a village at Shillong in March 2009.

Exactly … this plant is indeed Schefflera J. R. Forster & G. Forster, Char. Gen. Pl. 23. 1775. See I told in the plant … that it has compound leat with 5-7 leaflets which, this is the extract plant. thanks for posting it  ………….. will help in the ID a lot.

Can it be Schefflera roxburghii Gamble as per images and details herein ?

More likely to be Tupidanthes calyptratus (now name revised)

I would suspect Schfflera pueckleri more

Perhaps yes – Plant illustrations but

It took me quite some time to locate it in the Flora of British India. Please note, all the resources we are using, like KEW, GBIF, FoC, FoP are continuously updating their database, as we do too.
The entry in eFI should be updated accordingly POWO

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