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commonly known as: bitterbroom, broomweed, licorice weed, riceweed, sweet broom • Hindi: मिठी पत्ती mithi patti • Kannada: mrugandhi gida • Peru: anisillo, canchalagua, cancharagua, ñuño pichana, piqui pichana, vacourinha, vassourinha • Spanish: escobilla, hierba del golpe • Thai: krot num • and, other: boroemia, brum sirpi, pottipooli, sibi wiwiri, tapixava, tupixaba, ye gan cao ;
This is a small herb with very smallflowers of about 8 mm. Leaves are characteristic. In my specimen …not exactly opposite but 3 in a whorl fashion. sessile with serrate margin. The flower has 4 sepals and petals.
Herbs erect, branched, c 40 cm high. Leaves 1.5 x 0.5 cm, elliptic lanceolate or obovate, margins coarsely serrate, apex acute, base cuneate. Flowers white axillary, solitary or2-3 in fascicles, pedicillate. Capsule 0.4 cm globose. Seeds obovoid brownish.
Commonly used in indigenous medicine;

This is not a tree, so am not sure if this is a right group.
Saw this bright white coloured flowers along the roadside in Chennai.
Would be grateful for any help with ID

It looks like Scoparia (Scoparia dulcis)
Here are links for Scoparia
Ecoport 1
Ecoport 2

ID requested DSC01286:
Picture taken in Asansol (W.B.) dated 05/06/11 time 3:58 PM. Plant height around 2 to 3 ft. Flowers are really artistic.

Scoparia dulcis:
Scoparia dulcis
Iobserved this plant near Paud in Ghat section by the roadside.
From a distance I thought it to be a Lamiaceae member.
On close observation the flowers appeared to be regular.
After going through earlier discussions and checking FFOS I think this is Scoparia dulcis.
This is a small herb with very smallflowers of about 8 mm.
Leaves are characteristic. In my specimen …not exactly opposite but 3 in a whorl fashion. sessile with serrate margin. The flower has 4 sepals and petals
I don’t know how many stamens and carpels…..
Earlier placed in Scrophulariaceae; now placed in Family Plantaginaceae.
From earlier discussion on the group
……dulcis means sweet.
……Interestingly it is called as sweet broom and also bitter broom.
…… I remember observing some different brooms in villages; these must be from the dried twigs of this plant.

very nice sir it has very medicinal use 


Unid TQ-Manipur-01:
Unidentified herb photographed from Manipur. Flowering in September.

… almost Scoparia-dulcis-like plant !!
Will dig into it later.

Thanks …! It could be Scoparia dulcis, with a winged stem,
although petals look a bit different.

Scoparia dulcis is found in Manipur too. I don’t know if some other species are also found there.

The plant is Scoparia dulcis Linnaeus [Scrophulariaceae] – an well grown specimen!!

Scoparia dulcis from me too. Can also be seen growing in Arunachal Pradesh.



Flora of Haryana: Scoparia dulcis from village Pujam Karnal:
Scoparia dulcis from village Pujam Karnal
pls validate

Yes Sir. Very nice close ups and a neat set of picture of Scoparia dulsis.

I too agree for Scoparia dulcis.
Search this plant in mail. You will at least get 3-4 posts including mine


Herb ID request – RK55 – 12-Dec-2012:
Request id of this herb with small flowers from Vasai region. It is around 3 feet tall and the stem is ridged. The flwoers as well as the leaves are quite small.

seems to be Scoparia dulcis

Yes Scoparia dulcis


Hooghly Today : Scoparia dulcis Linnaeus:
This seems to be the Scoparia dulcis Linnaeus = BON-DHONEY in Bengali.

Yes …, for me too this is nothing else but Scoparia dulcis


I also heard its medicinal properties, some people call it BON-DHONEY.

080212 BRS 307:
Pl. find the attached file contain photos for id. request.

Date: 07.02.2012
Location: NBNP, Anaikatti, Coimbatore
Habitat: Garden
Habit: Herb.

That should be Scoparia dulcis..

yes Scoparia dulcis for sure


130513 – ASP14 : Attachments (1). 4 posts by 4 authors.
No flowers but plenty of dry fruits. It is commonly used in indigenous medicine. It was collected in March 2013 from a herbal garden in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Can you please identify.

This looked liked Scoparia dulcis to me…family Plantaginaceae (earlier Scrophulariaceae)..

Scoparia dulcis only.

Had never seen the plant in fruiting stage. Good to know this…


Scrophulariaceae Fortnight: Scoparia dulcis from Panipat-NS 6 : Attachments (7). 5 posts by 4 authors.

This small, profusely branching herb of the wet borders of water channels was shot from Yamuna river area in Panipat.
Formerly in Scrophulariaceae, now included in Plantaginaceae.
Scoparia dulcis L.

Very good pictures. I remember the earlier discussion about this plant. Seen growing in wet places in rice fields etc.

Nice pictures. Thanks for sharing.
Its also an important medicinal plants. I had also recorded the same along Adyar River basin.


Scrophulariaceae fortnight :: Scoparia dulcis L.Mulshi Near Pune SMP10 : 3 images. 3 posts by 3 authors.
Scoparia dulcis L.
Herbs erect, branched, c 40 cm high. Leaves 1.5 x 0.5 cm, elliptic lanceolate or obovate, margins coarsely serrate, apex acute, base cuneate. Flowers white axillary, solitary or 2-3 in fascicles, pedicillate. Capsule 0.4 cm globose. Seeds obovoid brownish.
Frequent along roadsides and in waste lands.

Spectacular pics …


Scrophulariaceae Fortnight : 12082013 ARK-08 : Scoparia dulcis from Mumbai – October 2012 : Attachments (2). 4 posts by 3 authors.
Attached are pictures of Scoparia dulcis captured growing on the roadside in Mumbai in October 2012.

Scoparia dulcis L. is a common wild herb in Pantnagar.
Now it is in the family Plantaginaceae.

Scrophulariaceae Fortnight: Scoparia dulcis from Delhi -GS-35 :  Attachments (3). 2 posts by 2 authors.
Scoparia dulcis photographed from Delhi


Scrophulariaceae fortnight :: Scoparia dulcis near Coorg :: DV09 : 3 images. 2 posts by 2 authors.
Scoparia dulcis L. also placed in: Gratiolaceae Plantaginaceae Veronicaceae
at Cauvery Nisargadhama near Coorg on 31 MAR 11


Herb for ID xii : 2 posts by 2 authors. Attachments (4).
Bannerghatta, Bangalore

Scoparia dulcis


Scoparia dulcis L from Assam Kd 03 Jan 2015 : 2 posts by 2 authors.

Attached images are Scoparia dulcis L 
Date :04.12.2014
Location: Assam
Family : Scrophulariaceae
Genus & species : Scoparia dulcis L 
Habitat: Grows wild on open spaces
Habit :Herb

Very good pictures …
I can see the characteristic leaf with serration only on outer half, and also the flower.


ID request 040715SG : 3 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (4)
Requesting ID of this roadside shrub, 1-2ft ht. photo taken at Thane.

Scoparia dulcis L.

Scoparia dulcis


SK531 18 MAY-2017:ID : 7 posts by 3 authors. Attachments (5)

Location: Bhadrapur, Nepal 
Date: 17 May 2017
Altitude: 300 ft.

Mullago family?  Pl. Check the spelling.

Scoparia dulcis…?

Thanks, …, for the Id.
To me also appears closer to images under threads at Scoparia dulcis

Thank you for the ID.
Nepali Name: पाताल मिश्री Paataal Mishree/ चिनी झार Chinee Jhaar/ मिर्मिरे झार Mirmire Jhaar/ सल्ले झार Salle Jhaar/ मिठा झार Mithaa Jhaar

along the roadside in Chennai- 4/7/08?; 18/6/ 2010- Chethalayam, Sultan Bathery, Wayanad, Kerala; ID of this herb – efloraofindia | Google Groups


61 Identify wild plant  : 11 images.
Please identify the wild plant,
Location:  near Reserve Forest, Chathamattom, Ernakulam District, Kerala PIN:686671
Date:.               22.03.2021, 02.40pm
                          20.10.2020, 04.30pm
Altitude:           1700fsl
Habitat:            wild moisture
Plant habit:      erect branches annual weak stem
Height:             02 feet
Leaves:            oval opposite oblong apex toothed margins
Flower:            diameter:03mm, white non fragrant

Sharing more images,

Scoparia dulcis

Scoparia dulcis.  A common weed in wastelands here.

Great …, yes, it is.  It’s Malayalam name is കല്ലുരുക്കി (Kallurukki).


Swamy/New series/ID/22 – ID of the plant: 2 images.
Please ID the plant photographed received for ID from a friend in Chennai. Photographed on  9.6.2021. Please confirm/ suggest new ID. Looks like Scoparia dulcis.

Yes !

Yes it’s,


E28092021EPT78: 5 images.
Presenting for ID
Taken on 28/08/2021
Location: Chennai outskirts
Elevation: 31mts
Habitat: Forest

Scoparia dulcis


Scoparia dulcis L. :: Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Jul 25, 2010 · 10:00 AM IST: 2 images.
Scoparia dulcis L.
Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Jul 25, 2010 · 10:00 AM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl

This is very common here. I have often observed this plant in many storm water drainage system !!!


Scoparia dulcis L. :: Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Nov 16, 2008 · JUN23 DV49: 5 images.

Scoparia dulcis L.
Waghbil, Thane, Maharashtra :: Nov 16, 2008 · 10:13 AM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl
Many thanks to P B Singh for validating the ID at iNaturalist.


Scoparia dulcis L. :: Waghbil, Thane :: Jun 9, 2007 · JUN23 DV366: 1 image.
Scoparia dulcis L.
Waghbil, Thane :: Jun 9, 2007 · 10:55 AM IST :: about 3 m (10 ft) asl
Many thanks to Tabish for suggesting the ID of Scoparia dulcis var. abrahamii S.N.Pardeshi & Srinivasu at flickr. Reference: PARDESHI, S. N.; SRINIVASU, T.. A new variety of Scoparia dulcis L. (Scrophulariaceae) from Mumbai (Maharashtra), India. Nelumbo, [S.l.], p. 231-232, dec. 2009. … POWO treats this variety as a synonym


For ID , 17-08-2023 DS (ahmedabad): 5 images.
Could you please help me ID this herb. Pictures attached show flower, seeds and the whole plant. Found in sandy rocky bank of the river.

Scoparia dulcis L. !

from the America’s again

Yes. Plenty here.


Plantaginaceae: Scoparia dulcis L.: 1 image.
location/date: Tropical Forest Research Institute, Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh, October 1994