Flora-Australia-60: spreading shrub of Myoporaceae.


striking, but …: I am confused… mostly because in the picture I can see lines and lines of these flowers and buds… very pretty, but .. how does it grow? just in a linear fashion… ?
or is it a bush with very long branches??? never seen this in real life.. so pardon my confusion…


do you have a picture of the whole plant/bush? please…

Garden Plant for ID : 310112 : Kenya : AK-1: Picture taken in Jan,2009 during my visit to Kenya.
A small, cultivated herb, found in the Botanical Garden of Nairobi Museum, Nairobi.
Some Mint species?

Sorry for the bad picture quality.


Looks like Scrophulariaceae member. May be Lindernia sp.


Kas week : Lobelia alsinoides SMP: A species found near water stores. Please validate
Lobelia alsinoides


I wonder if this is Lobelia since the leaves are (Alternate in Lobelia) opposite suggesting this to be a Scroph. More views can resolve the ID.