Sedum adolphii Hamet, Notizbl. Bot. Gart. Berlin-Dahlem 5: 277 277 1912.;

Image by R Sharda – Id by Tanay Bose


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I have this plant in our balcony and was trying to find out its name/origin, etc. After looking around a bit in Google, I came across information (collected and furnished here) that suggests that this is a fleshy succulent perhaps by the name of Sedum Adolphii?

Please let me know if my identification is correct and if you can provide more information on this plant. Is it native to India as well? common names?
Sedum adolphiii??
common name?
Date/Time: 9/03/2008, 9.23 am
Location: Brookefields, Bangalore
Habitat: Urban
Plant Habit: Shrub?
Leaves: Fleshy succulent,
Inflorescence: Terminal?
Flowers: small white terminal bunch of flowers
Fruit: Is there any? I have not seen any
Other information: I see honey bees, butterflies, bumble bees coming for the nectar.
Propagated from leaf/stem cuttings (I got a few of the fleshy leaves from a friend for my first plant). 
I see ours bloom only once in 2 years (after 2008, it is blooming again now in 2010).
Wikipedia says it is native to Mexico

I think you made the right identification this plant is indeed Sedum adolphii

I’m not familiar with this species. It may be correct, based on what I’ve seen on Google (never a definitive source). It may also be S. rubrotinctum.

i also agree with S adolphii
pls see the link

The Plant List  Catalogue of Life (Sedum adolphi R.-Hamet)

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